Fendi turns water into art

Jesus Christ might have turned water into wine, but Fendi can turn water into art.

Fendi launched its ‘Nature in Motion’ project at the Landmark Atrium, just in time for Hong Kong’s art week. Between March 26 and April 14, a set of art installations titled “The Shapes of Water” and “Meadow” and inspired by the artistry and movement of nature are on display. To kick off this exhibition, over 300 celebrities and guests came from all over the world to attend the opening, including Nicole Scherzinger, Carina Lau, Michelle Ong, Bo-Lin Chen, Bryan Boy, Kathy Chow, Elly Lam, Faye Tsui, Yoyo Cao and the Chairman and CEO of Fendi Serge Brunschwig, just to name a few.

The theme of water has always been pivotal to Fendi, and the new exhibition displays how water can be used as a tool for design, turning it into art by creating ten fountains inspired by roman design. Coinciding with the 10-year anniversary of its Peekaboo bag, designers from all around were invited to reinterpret the classic bag from scratch. For the Hong Kong chapter, Carina Lau, Michael Lau and Michelle Ong were given creative freedom to reimagine the iconic piece as a blank canvas and recreate it with their artistic vision.

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