Elizabeth Arden’s “Prevage House” exhibition

To celebrate the creation of the new Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment, Elizabeth Arden held a thematic exhibition titled Prevage House at The Annex, Central, Hong Kong. 

Chrissie Chau was invited as the special guest for the opening ceremony and she was also joined by Jacqueline Chow, Feiping Chang, Chelsea Chau, Antonia Li and Sarah Zhaung, Bonnie Chan, Marcus Kwok, Rosemary Vandenbroucke, Janet Ma, and many other celebrities and socialites.

The thematic exhibition itself was open to the public so that they could come in and understand the new products and techniques employed by Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment to combat ageing. The serum is said to provide antioxidant protection and stronger resurfacing benefits. The bottles themselves are also designed to allow the serum to remain as strong and powerful as possible with every application. According to the company, “With a press of button on the ampoule cap in each phase, the signature ingredient –Idebonone is freshly mixed into a complex of hydroxy acids formulated to gently exfoliate surface skin cells and enhance natural cell turnover”.

The serum protects the skin for 24 hours and the Prevage House exhibition was designed for people to see just that. It was divided into five different living spaces, each with its own vibrant colours, that represent a different time period of the day. It comprised of the Refreshing Breakfast Bar, the Projection Mapping Technology Studio, the Colourful Luminous Yoga Space and the Prevage Evening Bathroom and Bedroom.

The Breakfast Bar was decorated with four phases of bottles of Prevage against the orange and white decor. Fresh juices were served along with refreshing and healthy snacks. The Projection mapping Technology Studio represented noon and, with the help of its video monitor, provided an immersive look at how the Prevage ampoules interact with technology. The Yoga Space tressed the need for exercise after lunch and highlighted the role fitness has to play in anti-ageing; while the Bathroom and Bedroom, symbolising night, was themed around repairing your skin after a long day. 

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