Celebrity Chef Judy Joo Brings London’s Jinjuu to Hong Kong

What: Jinjuu Opening Night

When: December 1, 2015

Where: Jinjuu

With celebrity chef Judy Joo running the kitchen, Jinjuu is Lan Kwai Fong’s newest resident. The modern Korean food and electric atmosphere transitions the space into a one-stop hotspot for the culinarily savvy and late-night revellers. Joo’s first Jinjuu in London is already a favourite with A-listers, and the Hong Kong restaurant is likely to follow suit if opening night on December 1 was anything to go by, when it was filled to the brim with VIPs. Coco Lee, Bruce Rockowitz, Allan Zeman, Tina Leung and Amanda Strang were spotted at the celebration, enjoying the Korean food throughout the night, taking snaps in the photo booth – with a cocktail in hand at all times.

We caught up with celebrity chef Judy Joo to hear all about Jinjuu.

#legend: How long has Jinjuu been going in London?

Joo: [It] opened up at the end of January 2015, so it’s pretty new.

#: What makes Jinjuu in London so hip and trendy?

J: [It] is very hip and very trendy partly because of the location. But it is also edgy, because what I’m trying to do with Korean food is have it be modern yet mixed with tradition. With the help of my team, we want to bring the fun factor into Korean food and really try to inject some sexiness and fashion into the Korean food scene.

#: So tell me about Jinjuu Hong Kong.

J: Coco Lee is the one who said, “Oh my god, Bruce, I love this!” She fell in love with the food, she fell in love with the vibe, everything, and said that we have to bring the concept to Hong Kong. And, voila, we’re here!

#: So what is it about your version of Korean that makes it stand out?

J: I am a French- trained, Korean-American Londoner, and I think that really helps me to bring an interesting flair to the kitchen and to my food.

#: Who’s your legend?

J: My legends of the world would have to be the strong women out there who are all grafters – the hard-working entrepreneurs, the women who are really pioneering the way and breaking stereotypes and following their passions – doing what they love and working hard to get there.

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