#legendloves: Maison Ruinart’s new eco-friendly packaging

Gone are the days of elaborate and wasteful gift boxes as Ruinart ushers in a new era of environmentally-consciousness in the champagne world. As the oldest champagne house, the name Maison Ruinart seems almost synonymous with tradition, but their newest innovation marks a new chapter and a step towards sustainability. 

Photo: Ruinart

Aptly named “Second Skin”, this new packaging aims to replace the house’s old gift boxes. This new generation of packaging is nine times lighter than the original box and completely recyclable. The case is made of 100% cellulose fibers, which is a plant-based material. Born as a result of Ruinart’s decision to invest more effort into sustainability initiatives, the new eco-packaging has reduced their packaging carbon footprint by 60%.

Photo: Ruinart

From design to materials, the sleek new eco-packaging marks a definite departure from the clunky boxes that Ruinart bottles used to come in. If you ask us, this new design makes for a much prettier gift and we’d be glad to see it at any dinner party. 

Photo: Ruinart

The new packaging will be available in Hong Kong from July 2021.

Learn more at ruinart.com

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