#legendeats: Dragon Boat Festival 2024

Here’s where to get your glutinous rice dumplings, or “zongzi“, fix for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival on 10 June

Lung King Heen

Photo: Lung King Heen

Delight in signature and new dumpling offerings by Lung King Heen this Dragon Boat Festival.

A perennial favourite, Lung King Heen’s classic rice dumpling makes a return in the Organic Glutinous Grain Rice Dumpling with Abalone and Conpoy, paired with Yingde Black Tea No. 9 set. Each piece is made with two pieces of South African abalone, conpoy, Chinese mushroom and salted egg yolk, promising an abundance of Cantonese delight. Organic ten-grain rice is added for a boost of fibre and nourishment. The rice dumpling is boiled for at least four hours and simmered in hot water for 10 hours to achieve that sticky and chewy texture from mung beans and glutinous rice.

For something a little different, opt for the Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Osmanthus and Sweet Potato & Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Whitebait, Conpoy and Termite Mushroom, paired with Yingde Black Tea No. 9 set. The fragrant sweet dumpling offers a unique take on traditional alkaline dumplings with sweet potato and a drizzle of osmanthus honey. Alongside, the new savoury creation reveals glutinous rice infused with delicate whitebait and umami-rich conpoy, elevated by the earthy notes of termite mushrooms.

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The Legacy House

Photo: The Legacy House

The Legacy House is embracing the essence of tradition with a premium set of sweet and savoury glutinous rice dumplings, all freshly made in-house by Chinese executive chef Li Chi Wai and his team.

The savoury Deluxe Glutinous Rice Dumpling is filled with luxurious abalone and flavourful Jinhua ham, together with mung bean, white glutinous rice, pork meat, mushroom, salted egg yolk, dried scallop, lotus seed and chestnut. While the sweet 24-Year Dried Tangerine Peel with Sweetened Red Bean Paste Glutinous Dumpling features white glutinous rice, 24-year dried tangerine peel and sweetened bean paste.

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Man Ho Chinese Restaurant

Photo: Man Ho Chinese Restaurant

JW Marriott’s Michelin-starred Man Ho Chinese Restaurant is offering two gifts sets this year for the occasion: the Man Ho Dried Abalone Glutinous Rice Dumpling & Red Bean and Pork Glutinous Rice Dumpling Gift Set and Man Ho Hokkien Glutinous Rice Dumpling Gift Set.

From the former set, the savoury option represents the classic Cantonese-style rice dumpling, loaded with an array of premium ingredients, handpicked by executive Chinese chef Jayson Tang. These include South African dried abalone, conpoy and shiitake mushrooms from Japan, tender pork belly cuts, Korean organic chicken thigh meat, Hunanese lotus seeds, salted egg yolk, green beans and glutinous rice, all of which are then delicately wrapped in aromatic bamboo leaves. The additive-free and made-in-Hong-Kong Yuan’s soy sauce is thoughtfully used for seasoning, elevating the richness and aroma of the rice dumpling.

The latter, on the other hand, blends sweet and savoury flavours with supreme Japanese red bean paste, pork belly seasoned with Yuan’s soy sauce and buttery salted egg yolk. No alkaline water is added to accentuate the natural flavours of the ingredients.

Having made its impressive debut last year, the Man Ho Hokkien Glutinous Rice Dumpling returns to unveil the indigenous flavours of Fujian “Bak Chang”, highlighting glutinous rice stir-fried with dark soy sauce, five-spice powder and shallot oil. Inside the glossy brown rice is shiitake mushrooms, chestnuts, minced dried shrimp and succulent pork belly seasoned with Yuan’s soy sauce.

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The Merchants

Photo: The Merchants

Executive Chef Chan Tin Long of The Merchants is honouring the occasion with handcrafted rice dumplings that promise a feast for the senses. Each parcel brims with premium ingredients such as succulent braised pork belly, Japanese shiitake mushrooms, Hokkaido dried scallops, salted egg yolks, and aromatic Jinhua ham.

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The Peninsula Hong Kong

Photo: The Peninsula Hong Kong

Spring Moon’s Chinese cuisine Executive Chef Lam Yuk Ming, has specially curated not one, not two, but four, irresistible rice dumplings that can be enjoyed individually or as gift sets.

First up, the Premium Glutinous Rice Dumpling utilises Spring Moon’s hallmark technique of pre-seasoning the glutinous rice with abalone sauce for a rich and incomparable flavour. These are then packed with a combination of diced abalone, 30-head dried Middle Eastern abalone, dried scallops and Jinhua ham.

In a more luxurious twist, the Deluxe Glutinous Rice Dumpling comprises a tempting filling of rosé wine marinated Hungarian pork, making each of decadent dumpling an exceptionally rich and aromatic treat.

The “Golden Twins” Glutinous Rice Dumplings pairs together two flavours. The Lotus Seed Paste Dumpling has a creamy, sweet filling made with ground lotus seeds. While the accompanying Red Date Paste and Lychee Dumpling is inspired by a centuries-old recipe with a delicious filling that is both fruity and fragrant.

Lastly, the special Supreme Glutinous Rice Dumpling Gift Set with XO Chilli Sauce features the restaurant’s world-famous condiment.

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Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Photo: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Premium ingredients fill Grand Hyatt Hotel’s assorted rice dumplings, of which there are two, available to be purchased individually or as part of the gift sets.

The traditional Abalone, Yunnan Ham and Conpoy Dumpling is filled with a blend of premium abalone, conpoy, salted egg yolk, Yunnan ham, roasted pork belly, and mushrooms, and wrapped in fragrant bamboo leaves that showcase the exquisite Chinese craftsmanship.

Offering a wholesome and nourishing take on the sweet rice dumpling, the Five Grains, Tangerine Peel and Red Bean Dumpling is stuffed with red bean, green bean, millet and wheat groats. Osmanthus and dried tangerine peel is added to the mix to elevate its flavour and fragrance.

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Ming Court

Photo: Ming Court

Chinese cuisine executive chef Li Yuet Faat and his team elevates the classic festive flavour by incorporating evenly proportioned exquisite ingredients like whole 12-head South African abalone and Japanese conpoy to craft a tempting Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Whole Abalone, Conpoy, Roasted Duck Meat, Jinhua Ham, Salted Egg Yolk and Shiitake Mushroom. The precise steaming time allows for the chewy glutinous rice and layered texture to be infused with enticing aromas and flavours.

Alternatively, there’s the fragrant Black Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Aged Dried Tangerine Peel, Red Bean Paste and Lotus Seed. Dim sum head chef Tse Sun Fuk opted for high quality black and white glutinous rice to create a chewy texture with a variety of nutritional values.

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Kowloon Shangri-La

Photo: Kowloon Shangri-La

To mark the Chinese holiday, Kowloon Shangri-La has whipped up a selection of festive offerings. All crafted by Michelin-starred Shang Palace executive Chinese chef Raymond Wong, these include the classic Shang Palace Sticky Rice Dumpling with Abalone, Dried Scallop, Roasted Pork and Salted Egg Yolk; the Shangri-La Far Eastern Taipei – Purple Rice Dumpling with Custard, based off a secret recipe from the hotel; and the six-piece Icy Dumpling Gift Set, featuring refreshing and chewy crystal sweet rice dumplings in three delightful flavours: peanut, red bean paste, and fruity orange and passion fruit.

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