New Year hampers to embrace this year’s tiger spirit

Suit up for another round of festivities as we reign in the Year of the Tiger. Be it gourmet wines, scrumptious sweets or decadent puddings, these five gourmet Chinese New Year hampers are sure the perfect way to kickstart celebrations

Rosewood brings Joy, Fortune and Harvest to your home

Photo: Rosewood

Rosewood is offering three Chinese New Year hampers named ‘Joy, ‘Fortune’, and ‘Harvest’, which includes delectable goods such as Chinese New Year candy, ginseng gift box, 2000 Lao Shu Yuan tea cake, an assortment of dried seafood goods, canned abalone, a traditional drink of Moutai Flying Fairy and more. Tucked away in a vibrant golden, orange box that traditionally symbolises good luck and prosperity, these hampers are sure the perfect gift for wishing your loved ones a prosperous and fruitful new year.

The Joy Chinese New Year Hamper is HK$2173; Fortune Chinese New Year Hamper is $3,128; Harvest Chinese New Year Hamper is $9,488.

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Ritz-Carlton premium treats

Photo: Ritz-Carlton

Two-star Michelin Cantonese restaurant Tin Lung Heen of Ritz-Carlton is serving us with two New Year Hampers filled with a selection of premium treats, ingredients and drinks, including homemade Chinese coconut pudding, cashews, palmiers, Australian abalone, matsutake noodles, Ritz-Carlton Longjing Tea, to name a few.

The Classic Hamper is $2,488; The Deluxe Hamper is $4,188.

One Plus One CNY-Valentine’s Day crossover

Photo: One Plus One

Bring some Western flair to your Chinese New Year with this gift set from One Plus One. Priced at $1,180, this Chinese New Year x Valentine’s hamper features exclusive offers from Civil Link Tea Enterprise, Hexapi Honey, Seedmart, vomFass and Bodhi Herb Flower Daily, all aimed to bring wellness and positivity to yourself and your loved ones this season.

McGuigan Wines guilty pleasure without the guilt

Photo: McGuigan Wines

Step away from tradition with this McGuigan Zero Mixed Wine Collection Gift Pack. Inside you’ll find six different wines including Pinot Noir, Sparkling, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé, all alcohol-free perfect for those who are on a mindful drinking journey, or simply just because!

Four Seasons ultimate luxury

Photo: Four Seasons

Topping off this list is no other than Four Season’s Lung King Heen Ultimate Hamper, priced at $13,998. The epitome of luxury in a box, the hamper overflows with premium wines, abalone, fish maw, foie gras, gold chocolate truffles, and more. Presented in a gold box with red embroidery detail, this gift is bound to impress whoever you’re visiting as you make your festivity rounds!

Also, check out Lung King Heen Deluxe and Gourmet Hampers at $3,988 and $2,800 respectively.

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