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Gen X to Gen Z: 3 Hongkongers celebrate #homekong

Jul 19, 2018

21 years ago, on July 1st 1997, Hong Kong was ceded back to China as a Special Administrative Region after more than 150 years of British Rule –  marking the beginning of a whole new era. 

Known to be "Asia’s world city”, Hong Kong is an eclectic and psychedelic blend of old and new, global and local and is home to a charming form of cultural hybridity that only a few places in the world can pride themselves with. But what does it mean to be a Hongkonger? While there’s no specific answer to this question, we tried to explore some of its multifaceted realities. To celebrate our city and how it has changed over the past two decades, we followed three very different urbanites as they walk through the neighbourhoods that represent them the most.

Millennial entrepreneur Charlz Ng, who works and lives in Central, co-founded Hybrid Group (the ones behind Spartan Race and IRIS festival) in 2014. He represents a generation that has been redefining Hong Kong’s identity through innovative projects and start-ups that are shaping its future. In 2022 he will also be the director of events & ceremony for the upcoming Gay Games. 

Jerrie Lo, a marketing student at the City University of Hong Kong – and our very own intern - sees Causeway Bay as the undisputed hub of urban and pop culture. Born on the year of the Handover, she embodies Hong Kong’s digital-native Gen-Zs and how they handle their multicultural identity and hopes for the future.

Louis Ho has lived his entire life in Kowloon’s Yau Ma Tei district, where he runs Hong Kong’s last remaining pulley-making shop founded by his grandfather more than a century ago. He is, understandably, nostalgically attached to the old days, when human interactions defined business relations and provided an irreplaceable sense of community – something we hope that we'll all make an effort to keep alive. 

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