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In conversation with Bulgari's CEO Jean-Christophe Babin

Jan 10, 2019

When we flew to Beijing to attend the launch of Bulgari's new high-jewellery line Bulgari Fiorever, which features an eight-petal flower as its motif, we were lucky enough to sit down with the Italian brand's CEO Jean-Christophe Babin.

Babin, who has been chairing the company for the past six years, discusses the new line, China and the brand's luxury craftsmanship. Highlights from the interview include:

What makes you a successful CEO?

I'm trying to express the best of the talents and patrimony. At Bulgari, we have a lot of talents and we work hard to develop them, not just in training but also with empowering. Stimulating you to be an entrepreneur, and having the best of both cultural and physical dimensions. 

Who is your legend?

I don't really have role models, but more so people I very much admire and respect are musicians - Freddie Mercury and Roger Waters. Two totally different artists, but I think each made a mark in contemporary music for my generation. I find them to be iconic and impacted music for years to come.

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