White Milano unveiled its remarkable project during MFW 2024

As a leader in global style and innovation, White Milano Fair, founded 20 years ago, unveils its major project for the year held alongside Milan Fashion Week 2024, supporting emerging designers under the concept “Women… Magical Creatures.”

“White Milano” is a prestigious organisation in the realm of fashion exhibitions, which may not be familiar to the general public but is well-known among those deeply entrenched in the design industry and passionate about the most creative designs from Italy. White Milano has been a primary supporter of the Italian and international design scene for a long time, curating high-quality designs with a focus on sustainable development. They have consistently showcased some of the most interesting case studies at one of Milan Fashion Week’s most anticipated events.

This year, White Milano showcased the ready-to-wear collections from over a hundred designers for the Fall/Winter 2024-2025 season, with support from the municipal organization of Milan, the Italian Trade Agency, and several other Italian entities. With more than 300 international companies deciding to participate, the exhibition expanded across three venues: Superstudio Piu’, BASE Milano: Ex Ansaldo, and Padiglione Visconti.

Under the theme “Women… Magical Creatures,” this showcase narrated the value and significance of women, who have always been a vital driving force in the fashion industry. It also supported emerging brands and designers who may not yet be widely recognized, providing them with a platform to exhibit their work. Additionally, it encouraged creativity and sustainable practices within the fashion industry.

The most intriguing exhibition in this edition was the Secret Rooms, where new brands with exceptionally creative ideas were carefully selected. The spaces were decorated to match the concept and imagination that designers had envisioned. Highlights included Alberto Ciaschini’s distinctive stiletto shoe designs, Samanta Virginio’s glamorous and vibrant fashion designs, Miao Ran’s gender-fluid clothing designs that flowed effortlessly, Yangkehan’s Chinese designer pieces that intricately blended Eastern art with fashion, and Prototype: AM, a Berlin-based brand focusing on avant-garde jacket and coat designs, playing with volumes and unconventional shapes. Additionally, there was the Kfashion82 section, a platform for negotiations between Korean designers and buyers, adding another layer of interest to the exhibition.

White Milano not only showcased fashion product exhibitions but also emphasised the importance of knowledge sharing and exchange through Panel Talks held in the White Village zone. These seminars provided insights into sustainable design, and textile manufacturing innovation, an area where Italy holds deep expertise in environmentally friendly fibre production methods. Moreover, White Milano also prioritized lifestyle narratives, such as photography exhibitions under the concept of “Textile Waste,” supported by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and East Market, a second-hand market offering clothing, vinyl records, and books. DJs set a lively atmosphere while attendees shopped for second-hand items, aligning to extend the lifespan of fashion and lifestyle products, thereby supporting circular fashion.

White Milano, therefore, stands as a multi-dimensional and compelling fashion product showcase, driving significant momentum for the Italian and international fashion design and trade industries. It propels forward with innovative thinking and environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies.

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