Victoria Chow Opens New Cocktail Destination

The Woods' Annex is a haven for spirit lovers

She’s back! Victoria Chow, the woman who brought cocktail lovers to (happy) tears when she opened The Woods, and then again when she launched Hong Kong’s first canned-cocktail, Kwoon, is on a mission to educated the city on booze with her latest opening, The Wood’s Annex. 

Imagine a beautiful, Pinterest-perfect, minimalist library. Now go ahead and replace all those books with beautiful bottles of spirits, and you’ve got The Wood’s Annex. Inspired by private kitchens, the new space, located in Soho only sits eight. Think of it like university- small class sizes mean better, hands on tuition. It’s the same here, with experts leading tastings and bespoke workshops.  

Victoria Chow at her newest concept

“In the past decade, spurred by the removal of the wine tax, there has been a flurry of interest in wine education. Today consumers can easily distinguish between different wine producing regions and grape varieties. Interestingly enough, the same cannot be said for spirits. We’re looking to start that conversation to get consumers excited about what they are drinking,” says Chow. 

The new space has over 300 different pours from all around the world. The rarest ones have their own, unique library cards that reveal all the previous drinkers. Most interestingly, they’ll have a limited selection of bottles unique to Hong Kong to try, and you can even buy bottles to take away as gifts! If you can’t make it down to the Annex, they’re planning a retail site so you can have their bottles delivered straight to your door. 

Check out The Wood’s Annex website for more information and how to book a private workshop. Reservations are essential. 

The Wood’s Annex, 64 Staunton Street, Central 9862 8031

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