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Vegetarian Burger Taste Test at The Butchers Club Burger

Jun 09, 2017

The Butchers Club Burger is the first outlet to bring The Beyond Burger to Hong Kong. Seven years in the making, the ground-breaking, 100% vegan burger patty replicates the taste and texture of meat better than any alternative currently on the market. Developed in Silicon Valley, with the support of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the plant-based patty boasts a higher protein content than traditional beef, making it a heart healthy, eco-friendly alternative that even the most devout carnivores can get behind. The Butchers Club Burger version, the Beyond Classic, is a vegetarian option topped with vegan cheddar, pickled beetroot crisps, tomato, dill pickle, vegan burger sauce and caramelised onions, layered in-between the Butchers Club Burger’s signature bun (the only non-vegan component). To test how good the vegan patty really is, we brought some of Hong Kong’s biggest burger lovers out for a surprise taste test. 

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