10 artworks you have to see at 2018 Art Central

Art Central is one of the most diverse art fairs in Asia.

Art Central is back for its fourth edition and is going to be bigger than ever. With 102 international galleries all at the scenic Central Harbourfront, the fair fosters cultural inclusion promoting both the local art scene and its position in the global market and artistic landscape. More than 75% of the exhibitors are from the Asia-Pacific region and will showcase the main contemporary art trends and movements that define each country’s tradition.

“In just four years, Art Central has emerged as one of the region’s leading events for international collectors, art enthusiasts, and the general public. Our position as a seminal fair and cultural platform has developed from strength to strength, and we look forward to presenting art of the highest quality,” said the Managing Director of Art Central Charles Ross.

As a platform to both discover experimental art and emerging talents and established artists, there is a lot a to look for in just one weekend. We have selected 10 must-see booths and artworks to help you navigate through one of the most vibrant events of the year:

Da Xiang Art Space

Returning to Art Central for the second year in a row, Taiwanese gallery Da Xiang Art Space will showcase the solo exhibition “Elsewhere” by emerging artist Huang Zan Lun. His works focus on the relationship between external impulses and human consciousness through futuristic pieces.

“Elsewhere” by Huang Zan Lun

Danysz Gallery

Famed Chinese artist Liu Bolin will showcase his celebrated large-scale installation “When you see me I see you” at the Danysz Gallery’s booth. His work, like many of his previous projects, makes use of a complex circuit of wires, screens and other electronic elements to explore the pervasive role of technology in society along with traditional Chinese symbols.

Mizuiro Workshop

The Tainan-based gallery will bring to the fair “Body Map – A Path from Searching for God to Encountering Human” by Hou Chun Ming, whose art combines myths, folk and religious symbols and popular tropes from China, Japan and Taiwan to survey issues of patriarchy and gender. The exhibition is divided into three series (Male Hole, Male Paddle and Woman Islands) that explore joy and pain hidden in the human mind.

“Foreign Body A-Kong” by Hou Chun Ming

Gallery Hyundai

Seoul-based gallery Hyundai’s presentation is bringing to Art Central some of the most iconic pieces of the South Korean Dansaekhwa movement, which defined the country’s contemporary art scene from the 1970s. Among others, works from prominent figures like Kim Tshang-Yeul and Chung Sang- Hwa will be exposed.


Swarovski will present “Cyanomenter” by Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel, which unites design and sustainability in one installation. Positioned right at the entrance of the fair, the work incorporates a solar cell with a Swarovski crystal, using the stored energy from the sun to illuminate the indoor spaces. 

“Cyanomenter” by Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel


Hong Kong PARKVIEW ART is returning to Art Central with virtual reality project “the DAWN of INNER REALITY”, which includes Chinese ink practice, by emerging new media artist Desmond Leung.

Puerta Roja

Puerta Roja Hong Kong is bringing to Art Central an array of innovative and eye-catching works. The main pieces are the bamboo sculptures of Laurent Martin Lo, which transport visitors to an “organic” sensorial experience.

Initial Fashion

Audiences are invited to enter a darkened space for a multi-sensorial experience at the light and laser installation presented by Initial Fashion for an immersive and unique experience that spans across time and place.

Richard Koh Fine Art

Malaysian artist Anne Samat’s textile sculpture will be presented at Richard Koh Fine Art within a group show. Her colorful and vibrant works combine textiles and urban debris in pieces that are socially and political relevant. 


Maddox Gallery

After rising to prominence with seriously hyped exhibitions and a documentary directed by Banksy, Mr. Brainwash continues to explore the themes of celebrity culture, consumerism and pop culture in his globally celebrated pieces. Maddox gallery is bringing some of his works exclusively to Art Central.

Art Central Hong Kong will run from March 27 to April 1, follow @artcentral on Instagram for updates

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