Spirit of Disruption: Stillhouse Stands Out in a Crowded Market

A recently launched line of all-natural clear corn whiskeys from Stillhouse Spirits Company makes a statement. Look past the striking packaging design that combines bold colours and contemporary graphics with a rigid container made of stainless steel rather than glass, and there’s a drink that’s disruptive. It says, loudly, I am a free spirit.

Brad Beckerman, the founder and chief executive of Stillhouse, came to create this unique product thanks to his entrepreneurial passion for creating differentiated products for consumers. “I knew there had to be a way to craft a whiskey that could be clean, clear and packaged in a way that was ultimately desired by consumers,” he says.

Describing the brand’s DNA as one-of-a-kind and authentic, Beckerman believes that Stillhouse will revolutionise the whiskey industry because of the number of firsts that they have achieved. For a start, the whiskey itself is all-natural, gluten-free and clear – qualities that challenge all existing notions of the spirit, and which undoubtedly appeal to an emerging consumer segment. It also comes in a 100 per cent stainless steel package which is completely one-of-a-kind. “In a sea of glass, our beautiful proprietary red can certainly stands out,” as he puts it.

He explains that the choice of stainless steel is because it is unbreakable. “It goes where glass can’t go; and where you wouldn’t want glass to go. Also, stainless steel is stronger and lighter than glass, not to mention gets cold quickly,” he adds.

He is also thrilled by the reaction he elicits with the can. “I absolutely love the look I get when I pull out a can of Stillhouse. And then, what could be better than to see the smile that comes across someone’s face when they first try Stillhouse. I’m selling happiness,” he says.

Given its uniqueness, it was not hard to convince the people whose expert opinion matters – bartenders – of the product. They have responded well, and according to Beckerman, the fun only actually starts after they taste the whiskey. “Everyone wants to try it. It’s a first. We have trouble keeping up the production demands,” he says.

Indeed, it is not all good looks without substance. Proving himself as an innovator, Stillhouse recently won Gold and Double Gold medals at SF and NY World Spirits Competition for Clear Corn Whiskey, further underscoring the wave of change it sets to put into motion.

Beckerman is confident that as a clear whiskey, Stillhouse will appeal to all spirits drinkers. He believes that the brand offers something to everyone as whiskey and flavoured whiskeys grow in popularity. To widen its reach, Stillhouse produces its whiskey in a variety of flavours that represent their take on market favourites. From classic flavours such as Apple Crisp and Peach Tea, Stillhouse also offers fun and unique flavours such as Coconut and Mint Chip Whiskey, which Beckerman believes will appeal to the new-to-whiskey drinker who may want a classic cocktail with a new twist – or simply something altogether different.

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