Stella McCartney and Petra Cortright Collaborate for Art Basel

Stella McCartney

You can always rely on British designer Stella McCartney for some crafty artistic collaborations. And now she’s back with another, a further instalment in her Double Act series unveiled today at the designer’s Landmark store in Hong Kong, to coincide with the opening of her collaborator’s, Petra Cortright, solo presentation with Société at Art Basel in Hong Kong (Booth 1C35). The two-part project, entitled “”” and {{{, marks the first artistic collaboration between Cortright and her husband Marc Horowitz, while showcasing the designer’s women’s Summer 2017 and menswear Spring/Summer 2017 collections.

Cortright and Horowitz are LA-based artists. Cortright, who wears gamer glasses when she paints, because she often paints in sessions of 12 hours at at time, has been collaborating with Stella McCartney since 2014, and the 29-year-old is often referred to the “Claude Monet of the 21st century” for the way she ‘sees the moment’ in the digital landscape and populates her digital paintings with flowers and water lilies instinctively reminiscent of the great French Impressionist.  This film is her sixth with McCartney. 

Meanwhile Horowitz has recently moved away from his previous internet-based videos and performances and made a return to painting. He’s previously shown in Italy, Paris, Geneva and London’s Hayward Gallery. 

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