Smart Jacket for Children Unveiled in Uni_Form Campaign

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As part of its Uni_Form campaign, H&M Foundation partnered with Unicef to create a digital, interactive jacket that highlights the importance of early-childhood development. The jacket is able to provide innovative, age-appropriate play ideas that can help stimulate brain development during early childhood and can evolve with the child’s age.

“Early childhood presents a window of opportunity that define a child’s future,” says Diana Amini, global manager at H&M Foundation, which is the charitable arm of the Swedish fashion giant. “By using Uni_Form as a symbol, we want to raise awareness around the fact that children who are stimulated in their early years learn more effectively at school, and as adults they can have a higher earning power and be of better health than children that don’t have these early opportunities.”

The smart jacket evolves with the child's brain

Unicef estimates that 249 million children under five in low and middle income countries are at an increased risk of poor development due to extreme poverty and stunting.

While Uni_Form is not part of any H&M collection or for sale, it is interesting nonetheless, raising awareness for how we should be promoting the right for every child to get the best start in life.

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