Saudi girl celebrates end of the driving ban with viral rap song

Saudi rapper Leesa (photo: @leesaseal on Instagram)

As Saudi women celebrate new driving freedoms across the kingdom, young rapper Leesa drops viral rap song “We Are Driving.”

“Don’t forget that today is the tenth day and this means no need for taxis […] I am not kidding, today I can serve (drive) myself”, she sings in her Hijazi track, which was recently released on YouTube.

Referring to the tenth day of the tenth month of Shawwal, the Islamic lunar calendar, Leesa dedicates the song to the historic 10/10 date or June 24, the first time in her country’s history when women were allowed to drive. 

The milestone decision was first announced in a royal decree earlier this year and while learning to drive if still dependent on the approval of male relatives, it certainly allows women to be more independent. In Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam, thousands have taken to the streets of the three major cities to show their support to the groundbreaking victory. 

Since uploading the video to her YouTube channel, the viral track gained attention on Twitter and other social media and garnered over 400,000 views. People all over the world have been praising Leesa for her message and her – impressive – rapping skills, even many users who don’t understand Arabic. 

In her video, the young Saudi rapper shows the enthusiasm and excitement that comes from such a symbolic change and invites her fellow women drivers to be safe. 

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