Making waves: The Sanlorenzo Asymmetric SL102 yacht

Most of us were brought up thinking having a symmetrical face often enhances our beauty. Certainly, as a makeup or beauty model, having a symmetrical face is certainly a bonus. Meanwhile bodybuilders who have dedicated their whole life trying to sculpt their body, are also often judged on symmetry. Our obsession with symmetrical things has always been instinctive. 

Sanlorenzo, who will be launching their latest Sanlorenzo Asymmetric SL102 at the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival, will tell you differently. The idea of creating an asymmetrical yacht is a true reflection of the company’s DNA and the incredible ability they have to redesign the interior of a boat, pushing its horizons further and further, while expanding the boundaries of nautical design each time. With the aim of obtaining greater usability of the interior spaces and better access to the exterior, the SL102 rethinks the well-established layout of a yacht, only keeping the deck on the starboard side and eliminating the one on the port side, which is carried on the roof of the structure – an asymmetrical configuration, never tried before, which recovers about 10 square meters of area for the interior.  

A collective of multi-talented minds brought this innovative idea to fruition, including Chris Bangle, the brilliant car designer who recently collaborated with the shipyard along with the technicians and interior designers of the shipyard and Bernado Zuccon, the young architect from the Zuccon International Project. 

The SL102 disguises its asymmetry in the most creative ways, combining architecture, residential design as well as modern yacht building. The ingenious idea of using an asymmetry design actually helps to offer a larger saloon space and master cabin as one wall will be pushed to the yacht’s far right. The left side is kept as usual with an external passageway for crew to move from back to front, especially when docking. 

Sanlorenzo SL102 also offers various asymmetric layout solutions for buyers. The European one proposes the owner’s suite at the bow of the main deck with a choice of a collapsible balcony and a living room with different seating configurations. In all cases, the guest cabins on the lower deck feature four symmetrical double rooms. 

The American layout uses the front area of the main deck for a large country-style kitchen which is connected the dining room at the border towards the stem. In the hall, near the door to the cockpit, there is a bar counter. The owner’s suite descends to the center of the lower decks and there are three guest cabins, a double VIP and two doubles with single beds. 

The décor and furnishings are also taken care of by the Zuccon International Project Studio. Like all Sanlorenzo vessels, the SL102 is also built according to the tastes and needs of each owner. I presume that goes without saying and I would not have it any other way. In the meantime, I guess I will just have to wait for the SL102 to finally arrive in Asia to take me on her maiden voyage!

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