Samsung unveils new foldable phone

Samsung has just announced the release date of the  much-anticipated Galaxy Fold smartphone, which features a tablet-sized screen of 7.3 inches that can easily be folded and turned into a mobile phone of 4.6 inches with the help of the infinity flex display. 

The South Korean technology behemoth’s new creation will be available from April 26 in the US at prices starting from $1980, in Europe from May 3 at a price range that starts from $2300 and in Asia in the second quarter of 2019. 

The smartphone, considered by many “the most exciting phone of the year,” has six cameras: two selfie cameras and four rearview cameras, and it comes with a complimentary pair of wireless earbuds. Both the LTE and the 5G version of the the Galaxy Fold will be available, making it the first ever 5G phone on the market.  

“Ten years after the first Galaxy. We didn’t just change the shape of the phone.We changed the shape of tomorrow,” reads Samsung’s campaign. 

While many technology enthusiasts are excited about the new phone, which, among many other things, will let you open three apps at the same time, not everyone is impressed by it. Many critics took to Twitter to criticise the phone’s price and some are even comparing it to the Nokia 9500 and LG enV.  

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