Welcome to the Future of Automobile Racing

You’re staring at Robocar and, like it or not, this is the future. “We’re living in a time where the once separated worlds of the automobile and artificial intelligence collide with unstoppable force,” says former designer for Bugatti Daniel Simon, the car’s creator and a global force in automotive design. He has applied his talents to the films Tron: Legacy and Oblivion, and to Lotus’s first motorcycle. Unlike many of today’s fanciful design projects, Robocar is real and it’s about to make its debut. It is powered by electricity and drives itself. You can cheer it on during the Roborace championship. Teams compete in identical driverless electric cars, each of which can beat its rivals only through superior computing analysis. “It triggers all my biggest passions: motor racing, design and advanced technology,” Simon says. “The Roborace is as much about competition as it is entertainment. Therefore, and quite unusual in today’s racing world, beauty was very high on our agenda, and we worked hard to merge best performance with stunning styling.” It’s motorsport, but not as we’ve known it. Gentle-robots, start your engines.

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