Pure Gets in “The Zone”

Pure has just launched a new, “Welcome to the Zone”, campaign, focusing on the mental, physical and emotional responses we have when we enter that state of athletic perfection, the elusive ‘zone’. 

Working with experts, like Dr. Tom J. Barry, Assistant Professor in Experimental Psychopathology at The University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Society of Sport and Exercise Psychology Vice-President and author of Mindfulness and Performance, Karen Lo, Pure is dedicated to helping all of their athletes hit the zone. To achieve their goal, they’ve just announced the new Small Group Training Classes. Through diverse training methods and functional movements at a constant high intensity, SGTs prevent plateaus and keep workouts interesting, helping participants find ‘The Zone’ quickly and efficiently 

“Anyone can get in the zone given the right guidance,” says Marco Ferdinandi, Regional Director of Fitness Operations at Pure Fitness, “we try to remove all the distractions and bring participants into their fitness moments, fully focused on the present to reach their zone, or as psychologists call it – flow.”

Learn more about finding your ‘Zone’ with Pure.

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