The Pavilia Bay: Hong Kong’s new superyacht-inspired residence

New World Development’s The Artisanal Movement is introducing a brand new residential project to join the Pavilia family in Tsuen Wan. The Pavilia Bay features a clubhouse, ‘Blue Pavilion’, designed by widely-acclaimed French superyacht designer Philippe Briand. Working in perfect harmony with the property’s nautical exterior with underwater lighting and superyacht podium façade, the ‘Blue Pavilion’ clubhouse echoes the deck of a superyacht. 

The ‘Bridge’ and ‘Flag Pole’ area inside the clubhouse has been constructed with carbon fiber – a material rarely used in real estate projects and that took more than one and a half years to complete – as well as other high-grade materials widely used on a real superyacht, imported directly from the Netherlands. The highly-complex and precise fabrication process, which includes molding, resin infusion and casting, reflects the attention-to-detail and craftsmanship it takes to craft a yacht. There is also a unique spiral staircase featuring a relief world map handcrafted by artisans piece by piece, to give the illusion that you’re at the helm of a yacht ready to embark on your adventure on the seas.

Our favourite part is the resort-style pool deck and swimming pool decked out in peaceful hues of blue, white and yacht-like paneled flooring. 

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