The Office is leaving Netflix: No God! Please No!

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The US version of The Office is officially leaving Netflix for NBCUniversal’s new streaming platform. Although it’ll still be available if you sign up for NBCU’s streaming service, fans will be sad to see the binge-worthy show leave the Netflix platform. In 2018, Netflix users spent 45.8 billion minutes watching The Office, making it Netflix’s most-watched show. 

Michael Scott puts on a brave face; photo: @Sizzle on Twitter

Netflix’s contract with The Office will end in 2020 and will start streaming on NBCU’s platform in 2021. NBCU will have exclusive domestic rights to the show over a five-year period. The Hollywood Reporter reported that NBCU will be paying a total of US$100 million per year to stream the series, which is a bid that Netflix couldn’t beat.  

Although there are more shows than ever to watch online, this classic (which originally aired from 2005 to 2013) continues to hold a special relevance in many lives and plays an important part in our entertainment culture. The Office is referenced in memes, social media captions, dating app bios and other TV shows, and was recently featured in Billie Eilish’s new song “My Strange Addiction.” She expressed her addiction to the show to Elle, saying “When I wake up, I put on The Office. If I’m making a burrito, I turn on The Office, I need the distraction so I don’t think. It’s like therapy for me.” 

In loving memory of The Office‘s time on the Netflix platform, here are some of the show’s most memorable moments.

Chili’s Lifetime Ban

A moment from The Office that has resurfaced many times since the show ended was when Pam got drunk at The Dundies award show. She was sneaking drinks throughout the party and ultimately gets a lifetime ban from the restaurant chain. 

Chili's has finally gotten over the incident and has lifted the ban

Michael Declares Bankruptcy

After some credible advice from Creed, Michael tries to make all his money problems go away by declaring bankruptcy to the rest of the office. 

The “Ryan Started the Fire” Song

A kitchen fire leads to an episode taking place outside in the parking lot. In order to make Michael happy and outshine Ryan, Dwight runs inside to get Michael’s phone. The iconic “Ryan Started the Fire” is created when Dwight discovers the “smart, sexy” temp Ryan is the cause of the fire. 

Little Kid Lover

Michael tries to find the perfect dating profile username to let all the ladies know “where his priorities are at.” Surprisingly, a date never came out of it.

The Injury

Michael grills his foot on his bedside George Foreman Grill, which he sets up every morning to wake up to the smell of bacon. He wants the sympathy of the unimpressed office, but luckily he has a dedicated friend like Dwight. 

First Aid

The office has their first aid training day. The office struggles with how to give CPR on a practice doll and Dwight ends up taking it a little too literally.  

Casino Night Kiss

Jim and Pam share their first official kiss (not counting Pam’s drunken kiss at Chili’s). It’s the first time we get to see Jim properly confess his feelings. 

Lazy Scranton

The song by Michael and Dwight that will make you fall in love with Scranton, the electric city. 

Prison Mike

Prison Mike wants to show that prison is a rough place to be. He explains the horrors of living there, including the gruel and the dementors. 

Dwight, You Ignorant Slut!

Un-shun. Michael is up on the roof trying to show the dangers of working in an office and calls Dwight a harsh insult during his performance which is now widely used by fans of the show. Re-shun. (The phrase originated on late-1970s Saturday Night Live, in which Dan Aykroyd proclaims “Jane, you ignorant slut” to Jane Curtin at the start of a heated debate on Weekend Update.)

Did I Stutter?

This scene shows the comeback that Stanley has after Michael tries to get him to participate in an office meeting. His character is now defined by this comeback. 

Jim Asks Pam Out

After so much back and forth between these two characters, this is the moment when Jim and Pam start their proper relationship in the show. 

Toby Returns

Michael has a strong hatred for Toby, and his reaction to Toby returning to the office is now a hilarious meme. 

Spilt Chilli

Kevin spills his famous chilli. This scene perfectly demonstrates Kevin in the show. 

Three Bullets

Michael really doesn’t like Toby. 

Dinner Party

This whole episode is a moment. Here are some highlights and quotes that are constantly referenced, such as describing wine as having an “oaky afterbirth”.

How to Do the Scarn 

How to Do the Scarn is a dance that is part of Michael’s movie, Threat Level Midnight. This is the scene referenced in Billie Eilish’s song.

The Proposal 

The highly anticipated perfect proposal between Jim and Pam that was teased for so long. 

Jim’s Pranks

Basically, you can’t go wrong with all of Jim’s constant pranks on Dwight.

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