The Morgan 3 Wheeler Is Made for Fun

The Morgan 3 Wheeler

When was the last time you laughed out loud with sheer joy while on the road? When did you last regard a journey by car as an adventure? Not likely in your Tesla.

A little eccentric, always charming, that’s the Morgan 3 Wheeler – a car that turns more heads than a Wimbledon final.

This customisable novelty is designed for a singular purpose: to make driving fun. The Morgan brings the passion back to personal transport while we humans still have a say in the matter.

Behind the wheel, the leather-padded cockpit, complete with its aircraft-style instrumentation, creates a sense of flying along the road.

The engine delivers maximum power at minimum revs and a top speed nudging 185 km/h. At a svelte 525 kilograms, the 21st century Morgan 3 Wheeler provides unrivalled power to weight, and style.

Dare to be different, while you still can. Are you 3?

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