Good vibes only: 5 feel-good Instagram accounts to follow

Endlessly scrolling through social media has been shown to increase depression, FOMO and feelings of social isolation. But when used mindfully, apps like Instagram can actually be powerful mental health tools. Fill your feed with inspiring accounts, like these five Instagram accounts that are dedicated to spreading good vibes.

The Holistic Psychologist

Dr. Nicole LePera is all about teaching people to be their own healers. Her page is full of easy-to-understand psychological concepts, words of encouragement and revealing prompts, to help you discover your highest self. Her page is like having a therapist right in your pocket, and she’s a great resource for those who identify as spiritual.

Mantra Magazine

This whimsical page dishes out equal parts inspiration and humor. Mantra Magazine’s vivid posts stand out on any feed, and practically demand that you stop scrolling and pay attention. Whether their images make you laugh, or offer you a moment of reflection, they’ll always leave you feeling a little bit brighter.

Little Earthlings

Everyone needs a gentle ‘self-love’ nudge occasionally. That’s where Little Earthlings comes in. This charming page posts adorable reminders that you, and your mental health, are important. Follow them to enjoy sweet doodles of encouragement throughout your day.

Minaa B

Minaa, a Licensed Master Social Worker, offers advice on boundaries, affirmations, guided reflections and reminders on growth and self-improvement. Some of her posts, like “Reflection Q’s For When Your Boundaries Feel Crossed” are great to bookmark and come back to later when you’re feeling triggered and don’t know how to respond.

My Self Love Supply

My Self Love Supply is another account to follow for charming self-care reminders. This page posts tips on self-love, self-care and healthy living from different creators around the ‘gram. The messages are simple, but impactful, and introduce you to other great accounts worth following.

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