Inside Leica’s first Street Photography Festival in Shanghai

Leica was founded in Germany in 1914

When it comes to cameras, only a handful of brands have withstood the test of time. Leica has continuously proven itself with its high image quality, reliability and overall design. Now, the brand is riding the wave of a creative renaissance with its first Street Photography Festival.

In late September, Leica organised a four-day Street Photography Festival at the Jing An Kerry Centre in Shanghai. The exhibition featured the works of British street photographer Alan Schaller, Japanese photographer Shin Noguchi and Chinese photographer Liu Tao, and worked to bring together photography and contemporary street culture through attractions including the Leica Café and the Leica Market.

Entrance of the Leica Street Photography Festival at the Jing An Kerry Center in Shanghai.

Alongside the three lead photographers, Leica also featured the works of new-generation Chinese photographers Zhu Mo, Tang Ting and DJ Forget to showcase street photography from a younger perspective. Moreover, to engage a global audience, Leica featured the works of more than 40 Leica camera users who showcased their diverse and unique street cultures from around the world.

Some of the works at Leica Street Photography Festival

The Leica Street Photography Festival is the perfect example of how the world of photography has extended beyond the intricacies of the camera itself to incorporate creative and engaging elements, ultimately making photography accessible to all.

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