Louis Vuitton donates €1 million to UNICEF towards Ukraine conflict

In response to the ongoing war in the Ukraine, haute Maison Louis Vuitton pledged to make available funds for humanitarian relief

Louis Vuitton announced that existing funds for their UNICEF’s partnership are being made available immediately to respond as quickly to the spiralling situation. “One million euros will be donated immediately to UNICEF to help children and families touched by the conflict in Ukraine,” they said in a statement.

Louis Vuitton’s partnership with UNICEF goes back to 2016 when the haute Maison pledged to aid in life-saving humanitarian support to vulnerable children all over the world. This include all UNICEF’s emergency programmes.

Of the unravelling event, they said, “Louis Vuitton is deeply touched by the tragic situation unfolding in Ukraine. As millions of children and their families are facing immediate danger, the Maison, through the Louis Vuitton for UNICEF partnership, pledges to support UNICEF’s emergency response on the ground, responding swiftly to any emergencies by providing children and families in Ukraine with humanitarian aid including access to clean water,
healthcare and education supplies, child protection services and psychosocial care.”

A history of Louis Vuitton’s emergency response support included the COVID-19 crisis in India in 2021, the explosion in Lebanon in 2020, and the unfolding situation in Afghanistan in 2021.

The humanitarian agency has not only the backing of major global organisations but also from celebrity figures. In the Asia Pacific region, Siwon Choi, star of Korean boyband Super Junior, was unveiled as UNICEF East Asia and Pacific’s regional ambassador in 2019. He has committed years of efforts towards children’s issues as Special Representative for UNICEF Korea. Choi has been vocal on the plight of Ukrainian children and their families. In an Instagram post on March 5, he said of his conversation with UNICEF, “We had a meaningful time to reflect on the current status of Ukraine in these dark times and discussed our directions on the way forward. My heart and prayers go out to children in Ukraine.”

Since 2016, Louis Vuitton has raised over US$17 million for UNICEF through the sale of its Silver Lockit bracelet and pendant collections. New versions of the Silver Lockit bracelet have been launched annually to continue to support UNICEF. For every Silver Lockit sold, US$100 – $200 is donated to UNICEF.

Louis Vuitton invites you to support and donate to UNICEF here.

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