#legend@home: Pillow couture, anyone? Tips for Instagram’s hottest #pillowchallenge trend

Credit: Brittany Xavier

If you’re twiddling your thumbs, scrambling for something to do, why not try the hottest new trend to hit Instagram: the Pillow Challenge. Participants get incredibly creative as they wear a bed pillow as a dress, tying a belt around their waist and a pair of killer shoes to complete the look. Challenge-takers have also thought out of the box by turning their bed sheets into a fabulous dress for the virtual London Fashion Week in a home setting.

From celebrities to influencers, and from babies to pets, more than 260,000 posts (and climbing) are circulating on Instagram with the hashtag #PillowChallenge. Here are some amazing feeds from people around the world, who share the perfect tips for your pillow outfit.

Tip 1: Choose the right length

Deciding on a cute mini-dress or a long prom dress with your pillow chic is a perfect way to while away the time. For that striking trail, bring in those fluffy quilts to achieve a sensational look that will make that walk to the living room so much more dramatic.

Which one is your pick from the quarantine collection?


Tip 2: Dress your toddler up

Designer dresses may be too long for your little girl but you can definitely customise some bedding couture for them on this challenge. We especially love the twin pillow dresses for the mom and daughter twinning!


Tip 3: Remember your pets

Dressing up at home isn’t just a privilege for human beings during COVID-19. Our much-loved dogs will look just as cute in their pillow dresses. It might be a bit tougher to get your cat involved in the #PillowChallenge, but you can certainly try! If all else fails, they will make an adorable prop to your shot.


Tip 4: Get inspired by celebs

A-list celebrities have also joined the bandwagon, showing us the creative possibilities of this challenge. We’re sure you can learn a thing or two from these pros!

Gorgeous 37-year-old actress Anne Hathaway recently joined the challenge. Did her new dress remind you of Princess Mia in the The Princess Diaries?


And so has Halle Berry, who just rocked it with a fully black repertoire!


While Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame just rocked it with a tiger print pillow – a nod to the Netflix Tiger King series – and boots. We can’t wait to see more and more of our favourite superstars pillowing up!


Tip 5: Brand it like you planned it

Challenge accepted – by the fashion label Off-White. Anyone else wondering if this might be the latest fashion lookbook by the brand? The tape belts really pop off those trendy pillows, don’t they?

Even cosmetics houses have been getting involved in the trend, like Freshly Cosmetics. We’ve heard of a dress for a Birkin bag, but we’ve never seen one on a bottle of body oil. We definitely give this one passing marks for the challenge.

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