Next stop for “Kaws: Holiday” is Mount Fuji

Aerial drone shot of the Kaws: Holiday sculptural piece at Mount Fuji

To those exploring Japan this month, lucky you – Kaws: Holiday has now landed safely at beautiful Mount Fuji today (July 18) and will be chilling there until July 24. Cute collectables are also available, from Kaws’ remake of Mount Fuji plushies to the classic Kaws must-have Companion figurine (the Mount Fuji edition), as well as T-shirts, tote bags and other merchandise. 

Kaws: Holiday collectables, the Mount Fuji edition

We couldn’t help but envy how relaxed and laid-back (get it?) Companion was in its visit to three other great places: Seoul, Taipei and Hong Kong. And now with Companion at one of the world’s most calming and breathtaking locations, it’s set to experience true paradise. The stunning shots were taken by Japanese photographer RK, with the sunset over Mount Fuji as Companion lies there, peacefully enjoying life.  

The Kaws sketch of Kaws: Holiday at Mount Fuji comes to life

In a press release, Kaws explains that relaxation was in his mind; he then urged viewers to look up and shut out the roaming world around them. With Kaws: Holiday Japan, the artist hopes the sculpture can help create a relaxing experience for visitors, show the simple pleasures of slowing down and experience camping in nature.

A stunning view of Mount Fuji with Kaws' Companion in the foreground

It’s important to treat yourself once in a while – and all the better if that’s in the form of travelling or camping. Sometimes, we need to see what’s out there to get inspired and perhaps learn a thing or two about yourself that you didn’t know existed. If Kaws: Holiday ever comes to your location, pay a visit. It’s amazing how an enormous inflatable sculpture can be situated in a compact location and, with its playful characteristics, it’s a joyful sight to see.

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