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Internationally beloved and critically acclaimed singer Jay Chou is premium luggage brand Rimowa’s latest global ambassador, starring in the fourth instalment of its Never Still campaign. Haley Sengsavanh reports

Jay Chou, also known as the “King of Mandopop”, has embarked on numerous world tours and filmed movies all across the globe. In March, it was very fittingly announced that he would be the new global ambassador for premium luggage brand Rimowa’s Never Still campaign. This series is all about highlighting the joy of personal enhancement and exploring the possibilities for inner transformation through travel.

Chou is the focal point of this fourth instalment in the Never Still journey, joining the ranks of fellow international record-breaking A-listers. The celebrities that preceded him as Rimowa global ambassadors are K-pop superstar Rosé from girl group Blackpink, influential British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, and French footballing virtuoso Kylian Mbappé.

The new campaign film features Chou confidently navigating the busy London streets with a shiny Rimowa Original Cabin luggage in Titanium in tow. As he observes passersby and spots passionate individuals like an elderly man sketching at a bench or a pianist playing publicly, an original bespoke score created by globally renowned artist Hans Zimmer plays in the background. Zimmer’s body of work also includes blockbusters like Gladiator, Interstellar, The Lion King, The Dark Knight trilogy and more.

There are many accolades to back up Chou’s status as an international phenomenon. His smooth and evocative vocals and introspective lyrics have captured hearts ever since his self-titled debut album, JAY, in 2000. Since then, he has sold over 30 million records and racked up the honours, including winning 15 Golden Melody Awards.

Chou is also a founding member of his own record label and artist management agency, JVR Music. Chou’s film career is nothing to scoff at either. After starring in films like Initial D and Zhang Yimou’s Curse of the Golden Flower, Chou was able to successfully make the transition into acting in Hollywood. His filmography abroad includes The Green Hornet, Now You See Me 2 and the upcoming xXx 4. For his work, he has also won two Golden Horse Awards and two Hong Kong Film Awards.

Besides entertainment, Chou is also the president and founder of Phantaci, a clothing brand that aims to provide customers with “edgy fashion choices and lifestyle inspirations”. When asked about the influence of travel on his multifaceted career, Chou says, “For me, travel is not just a great way to relax – it also allows me to immerse myself in new experiences. I often find fresh, new inspiration during travel. These are truly precious to me.”

But for Chou, being a global ambassador for Rimowa is about much more than just reflecting upon his international career and connection to travel. It’s also personal. “I have been using Rimowa suitcases for years,” he says. “As I travel and work around the world, the Rimowa suitcases carry fond memories with me. I’m delighted to be the global brand ambassador for Rimowa, a long-time friend that I hold dear to my heart.”

The Never Still campaign originally kicked off in 2017 after Rimowa joined LVMH, the leading French conglomerate that specialises in quality luxury goods. But Rimowa has been innovating for much longer, having a rich history that dates back to 1898. It has since carved out a signature space within the industry and become a global leader in premium luggage. Its iconic aviation-inspired grooved aluminium design was invented in 1937, and has revolutionised luggage design to this day.

A perpetual innovator himself, Chou says that Rimowa’s brand identity and values strongly resonate with his own. “Throughout the years, I’ve been pushing myself to explore and create new possibilities. I feel deeply connected to Rimowa as a brand that continues to break boundaries and establish new benchmarks through a relentless pursuit of craftsmanship and the spirit of bold innovation,” he explains. Just a quick flip through Rimowa’s catalogue reveals the brand’s high regard for quality and creativity, and its capability in combining its legacy of craftsmanship with modern technology and the needs of travellers today.

In the Never Still campaign, Chou muses, “Travel is like a melody. With each adventure, either fast or slow. As people and landscapes pass, journeys unveil around you.” As he continues to prove that he’s truly constantly on the go, it’s exciting to consider what Chou might venture into next. No matter how he decides to reinvent himself, or where he will expand his legacy, the one constant is the trusty arsenal of Rimowa luggage by his side. He says, “Like dear old friends, these suitcases have accompanied me on every adventure, whether that’s for work or leisure, as I find inspiration exploring new things.”

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