Jacques’ unconventional music is about to rock Sonar Hong Kong

French composer Jacques

Jacques is not your usual composer. The French music-maker has always been called “unconventional,” whether it’s his partly-shaved head or… how he makes his music. He’s known for using (literally) everything and anything that makes a sound – think, bicycle wheels, globes, stamps, paper… you name it, he’s probably sampled it. From his first EP Tout est magnifique, Jacques has dazzled crowds at plenty of festivals with his interesting and unique shows, taking a bunch of random things on stage in the name of sound. We got to speak to Jacques prior to his Sonar show, learn more about him below.

Describe your sound in three words

From no where

What are you most excited about performing in Hong Kong this time?

Performing is exciting in any way, but then performing in Hong Kong is cool because I did only once so there are chances that most of the people who’ll see my show have never seen it.

What are some of the strangest items you’ve sampled or used in your sets?

I think it was a concrete mixer, that a guy set on stage during a concert I did in Serbia. Which is quite funny because I use other type of mixers to mix the sounds too, and the musical genre that includes sounds of objects is called ‘concrete music’ so I can say I kind of did concrete music by mixing the sound of a concrete mixer.

What is your definition of “music?”

A pleasant sound that occupy your mind so you can enjoy the silence that is behind.

What’s new for Jacques this year?

All my gear since it’s been bought after the recent robbery I’ve been going through, and all my environment since I’ve moved to Morocco after the robbery. Almost everything changes, the only thing that doesn’t is what I am.

Make sure you check out his set at Sonar Hong Kong from 3:30-5PM on the SonarVillage stage. Check out the full schedule here

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