Hong Kong’s Creative Digital Influencers Team Up to Raise HK$7 Million for Mothers Choice

Some of Hong Kong’s top creative digital influencers have teamed up to give back to the city by helping to fundraise for Mother’s Choice, a HK-registered charity that believes in changing the lives of some of this city’s most vulnerable. 

Antonia da Cruz from Guava Pass, CB Tan from Catch Juicery, Ryan Sun from Fotomax, Adam Raby from Mazu Swimwear, Manoj Chellaram from Rummin’ Tings and Amalfitana, FeiPing Chang from xoxoFei, Arthur de Villepin from Art de Vivre Group, and the Ambassador of #FiftyShadesofGiving Alison Chan El Azar put their best face forward in a series of vivid photographs that will be on full display at a fundraising dinner and photography exhibition on November 24 at Sohofama. The aim is to raise $7 million HKD for Mother’s Choice by April 2017.

The initiative is spearheaded by Eloquence (EQ), a creative agency launching to utilize the joint power of creativity, visionary digital creative skills and science to support strategic communications. 

In addition to combining the creative, collaborative and philanthropic spirit, EQ is also working on empowering Hong Kong’s entrepreneurs with a partnership with General Assembly where anyone who donates to the #FiftyShadesofGiving inititiave will receive 3 months of free online courses. 

More details on the event here: www.facebook.com/fiftyshadesofgiving

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