Hong Kong charities that need your help now

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As the old adage goes, “Charity must begin at home”. Indeed in challenging times such as these, there are many organisations that need our help but let’s not forgot the groups that are assisting those in need who are living right here in Hong Kong. And there’s probably no more critical time than now to extend a helping hand. We’ve listed some of these charitable organisations that you can help and we promise you, nothing will feel more rewarding.


In 2017, Jeff Rotmayer decided that once a month, he would go to Hong Kong’s most depressed areas where he would distribute food and supplies. No sooner did this act inspire tens and eventually hundreds more to participate, also getting the attention of donors whose donations empowered what is now ImpactHK, to help even more of the city’s homeless. ImpactHK offers food, temporary shelter, employment and schooling assistance, and counselling, among many other services. And in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, it has helped “McRefugees”, or homeless people who sleep in 24-hour McDonald’s, when dine-in services were forced to halt due to the virus. As unemployment rates rise during this period, more people are expected to lose their homes and ImpactHK needs your help now, more than ever. You can go to their site to donate, or find out how you can volunteer.

Save The Children

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【#疫流童行 行動:派發兒童口罩和手提電腦予弱勢家庭】 我們今日繼續派發防疫物資予弱勢家庭。除了超過50,000個兒童口罩,我們亦向來自基層家庭的學生,派發由恒基兆業「抗疫基金」捐出的200部手提電腦連全年無限上網數據,協助他們在家中網上學習。 疫情下,家長和兒童均承受巨大壓力,對基層家庭的影響更甚。為了支援香港的家長和兒童,一起克服疫情帶來的挑戰,我們特別推出「疫流童行」行動,提供專門給兒童的衛生防疫資訊、適合在家中進行的親子活動、疫情期間的正面管教貼士,以及與香港心理學會合作的短片系列,分享親子溝通之道。 我們會定期更新「疫流童行」行動專頁的內容,記得了解最新的資訊。 有關我們應對新型冠狀病毒的工作,請瀏覽 https://savethechildren.org.hk/coronavirus-outbreak-save-the-children-response/ Today we continued to distribute much-needed items to protect and support vulnerable children and their families. In addition to over 50,000 face masks for children, we have also distributed 200 laptops, together with pocket WiFi and data SIM cards donated by Henderson Development Anti-Epidemic Fund to children coming from deprived backgrounds to help them continue with their studies at home. The coronavirus situation has been an incredibly stressful time for both children and parents, particularly for those coming from deprived backgrounds. To better support children and parents in Hong Kong, we have launched the new campaign #YouAreNotAlone to provide health and hygiene information for children, parenting activities at home, positive parenting tips, as well as a video series we partnered with the Hong Kong Psychological Society to promote parent-child communications. Stay tuned for more updates on our #YouAreNotAlone webpage. For details on our response to the coronavirus outbreak, please visit: https://savethechildren.org.hk/en/our-response-to-the-coronavirus-outbreak-general/ #救助兒童會 #SCHK #新型冠狀病毒 #COVID19 #攜手抗疫

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Save the Children Hong Kong is part of the Save the Children movement, which is made up of 28 member organisations operating in around 118 countries. During the Coronavirus pandemic, the organisation has been distributing much-needed items to protect and support vulnerable children and their families. In addition to over 50,000 face masks that were distributed to children in Hong Kong’s poorest areas, they have also distributed 200 laptops with pocket WiFi and data SIM cards to help them continue their studies amidst school closures. And the fight is far from over. While we are starting to see a decline in the number of Coronavirus cases in Hong Kong, there unfortunately will always be vulnerable children who need our help. Visit their site to find out how you can donate.

Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge

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Bethune House is a temporary shelter for women migrant workers in Hong Kong, who are going through some form of injustice, such as physical and emotional abuse from employers, illegal or exorbitant collections from agencies, or are going through some health issues or a rough patch with their immigration papers. Established in 1986, Bethune House provides migrant workers in need with a place to stay and food to eat, as well as counselling. The organisation depends largely on donations and they are knocking on our hearts for help. This can be in form of cash or in kind, such as food, toiletries and personal hygiene products, and during this time, protective masks, sanitisers and gloves. You can check out their Facebook page to find out how.

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation (HKAHF)


The Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation (HKAHF) was established in 1999 with the objective of providing timely medical treatment to the sick and underprivileged children in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Asia, through its Heart, Hearing, Medical and Orthopaedic Charity Funds. The Foundation also helps adults and the elderly through its Cancer Fund and Eye Fund. And as the pandemic continues to affect Hong Kong’s economy, there will be more families that will seek assistance. You can help by donating or purchasing some items they are offering, the proceeds of which will go the the foundation. All this information can be found in their site.

The HUB Hong Kong

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The HUB is a children’s centre that provides educational support, extra-curricular classes, family counselling, social health and well-being services to those who need it most. And during this epidemic, HUB stepped up to the challenge, providing not only kid-size masks, but also toys, fresh fruits, and hand sanitisers to Hong Kong’s underprivileged children. They have so far helped over 200 families living in Sham Shui Po. More of such programmes are being planned so help is needed. You can donate in cash or in kind, in particular, supplies such as masks, sanitisers, food and primary school books. You can visit their Facebook site or send them a Whatsapp message on (852) 9030 4210 to get more details.

Hong Kong Cancer Fund


The Hong Kong Cancer Fund was founded in 1987 by Sally Lo, who is also its CEO. The association raises Cancer awareness through educational campaigns, and provides individuals and family affected by cancer through free professional and specialised cancer care services. Through donations, they are also able to help fund Cancer research and the purchase of hospital equipment. The association believes firmly in the power of early detection, as such public awareness campaigns that educate people of early stage symptoms are paramount. You can help my making a one-off or monthly donations, participate in their events or by simply sharing the group’s campaigns on your social media accounts. And while much of our attention is now on the Coronavirus pandemic, we need to remember that Cancer remains a problem among many in Hong Kong.

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