#legend brings artist David Weeks NYC to Hong Kong

Artist David Weeks NYC (photo: courtesy of the artist)

To celebrate Hong Kong’s art month, #legend is bringing the celebrated artist David Weeks from Queens, New York to Hong Kong. 

The multi-talented 25-year-old is renowned for his stylish skateboards, which feature the logos and aesthetic of brands like Louis Vuitton and Supreme and other cultural icons. The boards went viral on Instagram, catching the attention of both the fashion set and collectors worldwide.

A board featuring a Goyard background and Tupac

The pieces are, according to Weeks, a synthesis of what he has accomplished so far and of his passions. In fact, he first started his entrepreneurial career by selling t-shirts that would pair with hip sneakers and at the age of 18 went on to establish his own fashion brand Embellish NYC.

The Supreme x Louis Vuitton board

Weeks’ brand initially specialized in eyewear and later expanded to denim. He later founded other brands, which combine a diverse range of styles and visions. One of them, Reves Paris, attracted the media’s attention in 2016 when it shut down a busy New York City’s interjection for an impromptu show.

When he ventured into the art world, Weeks did so by combining his expertise of the fashion industry with his talent for turning ordinary objects into interesting artworks.

One of the new exclusive pieces to be shown in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, Weeks will present exclusive boards, including pieces featuring Goyard and Louis Vuitton, as well as a one-of-a-kind limited edition collection of speakers.

Stay tuned for more details on his upcoming visit exclusively on #legend

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