4 Youtube channels that will challenge your perspective

One of YouTube Channel Jubilee's most popular shows,

Lately I’ve been exploring Youtube channels focused on human behaviour and self improvement. Free therapy sessions anyone? It might be hard to believe, but constantly watching some of these videos and shows can give you insight through seeing other people’s thoughts and views on various topics that are otherwise too taboo to talk about in real life. 

Here’s a little rundown of some of our best finds. 


Jubilee is a channel focusing on human connection and challenging conventional thinking. Though some of the conversation topics normally create a divide amongst people, the point of the channel is that it is situated in a safe, controlled and positive environment that allows for everyone to be vulnerable enough to share their views without the fear of being judged – regardless of whether you think they’re right or wrong. 

They engage with a spectrum of people with varying ideas, all linked back to one common theme. It goes to show you only know from what you’ve experienced, and this platform shares a diverse range of stories that will hit a nerve in you one way or another. 


Cut creates videos with a lighthearted twist on presumptions. We all judge people at face value, and this channel exposes that sentiment by doing little “case studies” on groups of people. It challenges stereotypes and forces us to see whether the way we think about the people around us is truly how they are. 

Whether it be your sexual preference, income bracket, the sound of your voice, or your horoscope – they have a whole slew of entertaining videos that will have you binging. 

Kaitlyn Bowman 

The law of attraction is a fairly new concept to me, but it’s been really interesting in changing the way I see things. Kaitlyn Bowman is a spiritual guide who explains how LOA works in a way where its digestible, even to the most non-believers of psyche. 

Whether you tend to think with your head or your heart, it’s worth seeing how the process works and you’ll be surprised as to how much it can affect the way you operate in daily life. 

Amber Khan

Say what you want about horoscopes – but it is so much deeper than the daily horoscope tweets you’ll find from random tabloid magazines. The biggest misconception about astrology is that not everything in each tarot reading is meant to resonate with you – you take what you identify with and work from there. But if you care enough to delve more into astrology, Amber Khan is the girl. 

She’s a yoga instructor, medium and empath – whose work is about regaining personal power and creating resilience after grief or trauma. It may seem a little too “witchy” for some, but trust, after watching your sign’s reading for this month – let me know what you think after. Horoscopes become a lot more insightful once you hear it explained by someone who actually gets it. 

She also does some great podcasts regarding human consciousness and she sounds like she’s just having a casual conversation with you. Try this episode next time you’re on your commute home from the office – I promise, you’ll never meet another person who can effectively relate Khloe Kardashian’s tumultuous love life to the deeply ingrained slavery culture in America. 

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