Buenos Aires Polo Club: Sorry Vegans, But Meat Lovers Rejoice

The lush interior of Buenos Aires Polo Club

​A sophisticated Argentinian steakhouse with rich, dark-wood panelled interiors, private rooms, and a classy brass-topped bar area, the space is inspired by Buenos Aires of the 1900s as well the beautiful game of polo – which is pretty much the country’s national sport. The décor clearly encapsulates this, with displays of antique polo equipment and stunning equestrian-themed oil paintings on every wall that creates an atmosphere that makes you think you have been transported to a different era. You will be hard-pressed to believe that you are still in Hong Kong.

It is all about the Argentinian asado grilling culture at Buenos Aires Polo Club where the stars of the show are their premium cuts of grass-fed free-roam Argentinian beef, all cooked to perfection on a custom-built parilla grill. Must-tries are the impressive 30oz T-Bone steak and 12oz Ribeye steak, which are just tantalisingly crispy on the outside edges and beautifully juicy and tender on the inside. Grilled with their signature house ‘club rub’ and served with a roasted, balsamic glazed onion flower, you would think it is hard to beat.

The T-bone steak

Yet it faces stiff competition in the form of one of the most incredible non-steak dishes – a thick chunk of bacon steak topped with chimichurri. Chef Felipe Lopez cures it with gin, juniper and bay leaf for three days before smoking it over the grill for over 20 hours. The process gives the bacon an intense smoky flavour while still keeping the meat tender.

Other offerings include a New Zealand King Salmon with herb vinaigrette and juicy slow-cooked lamb shoulder blade chops, cooked sous videwith their club rub and finished off on the grill. All the meats are served with several innovative sauces such as a Malbec mustard and a horseradish cream sauce.

The king salmon

As for sides, we highly recommend to double up on the carbs with their incredible mash potato and sweet potato – in all honesty, the best we have ever tasted – and to also order the garlic creamed spinach for some greens. The Provoleta, a cast-iron skillet with melted provolone and fontina cheese is also deliciously addictive, and needs to be consumed quickly before it turns cold and hardens.

For a sweet ending, we loved the roasted pineapple with coconut sorbet, crushed pistachios and rum passion fruit curd, but check with your servers for their recommendations. 

Anana la Plancha

Complementing the menu is the exclusively Argentinian wine that features over 130 different pours, including an extensive collection of Malbecs. And what makes the whole experience even more memorable are the one-of-a-kind knives that each guest is provided with. In fact, regular customers will get their own knife, stored in a cabinet in one of the private dining rooms. Now, how fun is that?

​Buenos Aires Polo Club​. 7th Floor LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central. 23218681

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