Fancy gifts your fitness-obsessed friends will love

These Captain America barbell plates are lit

You love them but you can’t stand how ‘healthy’ or ‘fit’ they are. You wake up in the morning and they’re the first ones to pop up on your Instagram feed working out. What’s more? You don’t even remember what they look like in normal clothes.

Sound like anyone you know? We’ve picked out some of the best gifts to get that fitness-fanatic in your life for Christmas:

Road cycling shoes 

You have no idea how much your friends will thank you for getting them their own spin shoes

If your friend is a regular at spin class, chances are they’re dying for their own pair of shoes. We won’t get into it—but just think about the amount of people who sweat in those shoes in a day and you’ll get the picture. Plus, it’s all about putting your best athleisure forward. We love Giro’s Factor™ Techlace  cycling shoes—they’re incredibly light (ringing in at an impressive 210 grams), use laces for comfort and are some of the better looking ones on the market. (also available on Wiggle for free shipping to Hong Kong)

Smart rope

Luxury's answer to the classic jump rope

Follow any trainer, fitness influencer or celebrity on Instagram and chances are you’ll see them regularly starting their workout with a jump rope. An incredibly simple yet effective exercise, this high intensity cardiovascular workout can be done anywhere. So why not help your (annoying) fitness friend step up their game with Tangram’s Smart Rope, which they can also take with them when they travel.

As you jump, the rope will project your jump count in midair through LED lights and tracks your progress through a dedicated app you can link to your phone.  

Vibrating foam roller 

Get up close and personal with this vibrating foam roller

With the amount of people lifting in the gym today—self-myofascial release (read: foam-rolling to normal people like you and I) has become a hot new trend. Enter the fitness world’s new vibrator, the HyperIce Vyper. The vibrating foam roller is apparently “twice as more effective than regular foam rolling” and offers three vibration speed settings. 

Superhero workout gear 

We can't think of anyone who wouldn't want to have a go with this Ironman kettlebell

Who doesn’t like to train like a superhero? Check out the Onnit x Marvel collection of fitness equipment including Ironman kettlebells, Spider-Man battle ropes and Captain America shield barbell plates.


How to get the dice rolling in the gym

This is a game only the most fitness-obsessed will enjoy. Get them their own bag of WOD (read: work out of the day) dice so they don’t have to rely on their phone or a class for their next functional workout. The basic “FIT” set comes with three dice, two to determine the exercises and one of the amount of reps. The “Mere Mortal” and “Firebreather” sets come with six dice to determine the task/time, number and type of movements, bodyweight movements, weighted movements, mono-structural and number of reps. 

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