Film that captures a Ferrari on Monaco’s scenic streets is one you’ll want to see

The Monaco street circuit is arguably Formula 1’s most famous, if not most beloved track – loved by race drivers and fans for its complexity and the stunning scenes it offers. Unfortunately, the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix is just one of the many sporting events that’s been cancelled this year due to the pandemic. Thankfully though, we will still get to see this picturesque track through the lens of French director Claude Lelouch, who shot a film of Ferrari’s SF90 Stradale traversing the winding streets of Monte Carlo on the Sunday the F1 race was supposed to be held.

Inspired by his brilliant 1976 film C’était Un Rendez-Vous set on the streets of Paris, Leclerc crafts another exhilarating short called Le Grand Rendez-Vous, this time following the famous Monaco street circuit. The film will be headlined by Ferrari’s first series production hybrid model, the SF90 Stradale, which will be seen skilfully manoeuvring the pavements of the principality. The new short evokes both the atmosphere of the beloved Grand Prix, and the roar of the Ferrari 275 GTB that provided the instantly recognisable soundtrack to the 1976 film shot in Paris. 

Having a bad case of wanderlust? Le Grand Rendez-Vous will have you zipping through the charming streets of Monte Carlo on June 13, the film’s premiere.

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