Ferrari’s new special series 488 Pista Spider

The world renowned Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach in California saw the world’s premier of the new Special Ferrari 488 Pista Spider.

The latest of Prancing Horse’s new models is the Ferrari 488 Pista Spider; the 50th drop top model was a natural choice for the Californian weather and for the US audience. The new model is derived from the 488 Pista which encapsulates all the racing experience gathered on the world’s circuits with the 488 Challenge and the 488 GTE. As a result, the new Spider offers the highest level of technological transfer from the track to a legal road drop-top car.

It also carries the most powerful Ferrari V8 engine which was recently named Best Engine in the world for the third consecutive year at the 2018 International Engine of the Year Awards. The 3902cc twin turbo V8 takes you from 0-100 km/h in 2.85 seconds and 0-200 in 8 seconds with a maximum speed of 340 km/h. What more could you possibly want in a road legal race car aside from having the roof down and listening to the sweet sound of the roaring engine without messing up your hair? I just can’t wait to get my hands on this one. 

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