Face Reader Eric Standop Reads Brad Pitt: The King-Tree Face

The shape of Brad Pitt’s face is a combination of what face readers call the “Tree” form and the “King” form, with portions of the “Tree” form predominating. They like to give the name “King-Tree” to this combination. The “King” as a facial form is visible in Pitt’s rather deep-set eyes and his prominent, angular face, especially in the jaw and chin area, face reader Eric Standop tells #legend.

The “Tree”, which stands for support and growth, predominates in Pitt, being evident in his elongated face with no bulges at the sides. This shape resembles an upright rectangle. Experienced face readers can detect a trend in this shape.

Since the “Tree” is now in the foreground, we can assume that the “King” aspects were expressed more in the past. In young men, they are frequently expressed as the wish for career and advancement, or as rebelliousness. Indeed, Pitt’s life may be viewed as that of a rebel becoming a reliable protector.

The owners of “Tree” faces have an inclination to shelter, give shade and bear fruit, just like a tree. So people feel drawn to them, even if they have no wish to share every thought. They would rather give than receive. They are individualists, but they like to look after others. The owners of “King” faces wish to lead. At an early age, they set out to achieve or build something. So few owners of such faces have a happy love life in their younger years, because they lack the required focus. When they get older they relax and develop into patrons and protectors – and that is why they are popular.

A closer look at Pitt’s features reveals that he is quite a connoisseur, as shown by the broad tip of his nose and large, full mouth. Having a “Tree” face, he likes people and loves contact with them, but his mood in communicating with them is capricious. That a man’s moods change can often be detected in his tendency to change the style of beard he wears.

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Late bloomer

Pitt indulges in constant change, and sports anything from the dishevelled Santa Claus beard, which limits his attractiveness but allows him to concentrate on other people and avoid the spotlight, to the three-day growth in all its variations. The latter shows that he is good at drawing the line. He likes contact but always remains the individualist, has a healthy ego and actively sets boundaries.

He is clearly a tolerant and open person, but these qualities should not be mistaken for open-heartedness. The composition of his forehead and ears reveals that he talks about himself and can open up. But when the issue is his emotional world, he prefers the inner dialogue and is not as interested in communicating with many other people.

He speaks selectively and not excessively about his feelings, as his upper lip shows. While he is open, it is only to a certain degree. His lower lip and its relationship with the upper lip indicate that he would prefer to talk with others about material things and things that should be changed, and about things that he takes to heart and that he would like the hearts of others to be touched by.

Pitt’s private side – which includes his creativity – can be seen in the left half of his face. That his private world is full of activity is revealed by a parallel fold that is longer and more clearly visible on the left side than on the right.

He is a bit of a late bloomer, says Standop; the “Tree” form and three vertical lines that develop in the middle of the forehead being the indicators. But his development is constant and harmonious. He is on the path to growth, and flourishing. He has long had a premonition about what he will grow into.

He knows the ups and downs of his personality, the horizontal wrinkles on his forehead giving this away. His development in the material and intellectual senses is balanced.

Those dimples

Pitt’s cheekbones and the line of his lower jaw indicate that he knows his moral values and stands up for them. The structure of this part of his face demonstrates a high degree of tenaciousness, almost stubbornness. Only if what he puts his mind to is big and monumental will he work on it with much devotion and tenacity.

He has mental power, but his sensitivity to others, empathy for people and emotional connection with them, is his real strength. This is how he wins the attention and the hearts of other people. So he can express himself well as an actor – as the combination of his big, full mouth and the dimples in his cheeks shows. Those dimples, combined with his alert eyes and his laugh lines, show that he is clever. The laugh lines show, of course, that he likes to laugh. Taken together, these features signify that he knows how to use his cleverness and liking for laughter to move a conversation in the necessary direction or bring it into balance.

Pitt has a variety of talents useful for communication. The size and shape of his mouth indicate that he can recognise the right moment to raise a topic, and that he can carry on interesting conversations about many things.

His forehead, the size of his ears, the alertness of his eyes and the continual changes in his hairstyle or beard and in the shape of his mouth demonstrate the range of his interests. His dimples and the shape of the area between his nose and upper lip show that he is open-minded and has strong power to attract. The shape of his eyebrows emphasises his charismatic appearance.

The combination of the shapes of his eyes, mouth and cheeks reveals that he is a practical man: someone who likes to know where he stands and what is happening. He is happy to dispense with games of any sort. He is a perfectionist, who seeks security and also wants to provide it, and he is loyal and reliable.

Imprecise grooming

Pitt knows how to block out the difficult phases of his life, says Standop.

Little hairs protruding inward from his eyebrows on both sides may be a sign that as a child he had insufficient support from his parents or siblings. Vertical wrinkles developing in his “King” face may be a sign that he had to take sole responsibility for finding himself in life. Something from that time still seems to be simmering inside him. Although his face radiates a sense of firm balance, its individual properties – the frequent changes in his hairstyle, beard and expressions – reveal inner restlessness and the urge to solve problems.

His facial expressions support the impression that he had a rather difficult upbringing. Perhaps this is behind his wish for a stable family life of his own. His intellect and emotional life were separated for too long, so suppressed emotions acted as a brake on his development.

The restlessness his face betrays can be a source of vital energy and receptivity. So Pitt is open, versatile and lively, although he is still not a live wire. His concerns are less in keeping with what the material or right side of his face indicates and correspond more with what the emotional of left side indicates. Another sign of this is a pronounced vertical line between the eyes, called a thinker’s wrinkle. His right ear stands out a bit more than the left, signifying that in professional or material matters, he is no conformist.

The rebel in Pitt expresses itself in his imprecisely groomed hair, which lacks a clear parting and curls where it grows long, and in his preference for a beard, which is continually changing. His wish to assert himself is expressed in his jaw, cheekbones and chin. His desire to live in accordance with his visions and ideals, but pragmatically, is expressed in the combination of his chin, his high and wide forehead, and the wrinkles in it.

His cheeks are soft, revealing his emotional style of leadership. He has understood that gentleness will often achieve more than harshness. His eyebrows show that he can work on many projects simultaneously and can process a great deal of information all at once, and that he loves variety, which he nourishes with his creativity.

An object of love

Freedom-loving in their youth and empathically independent – and therefore almost secretive – people with the kind of nature that Brad Pitt has attract many admirers. Next to the rebel, we also see a warm-hearted, sociable and relaxed guy with a sense of family. It’s easy to fall in love with such a personality.

The woman at Pitt’s side is permitted to be as multifaceted as he is. Enjoyment is to the fore here. Pitt’s lips and the tip of his nose are a bit rounder on the left than on the right, and this and the area between his nose and upper lip indicate enjoyment of physicality and self-realisation – also signified by his high forehead and the shape of his head. The face reveals that he likes security and clarity, but rejects routine.

On the other hand, long-term bonding is a challenge, because vulnerability and insecurity strongly influenced his first experiences of love. A rebel on the outside but gentle on the inside, he is a walking contradiction. Getting emotionally involved in a relationship may have been difficult at first, but he has left behind him the hurdles of self-doubt and fear of commitment erected in his childhood. He shows the face of a faithful and reliable partner.

But he has a major challenge at his side in the form of Angelina Jolie. Their relationship is unlikely to become boring because she makes emotional demands of him. Pitt is not averse to this, and understands it as an opportunity for growth. Despite his strong love of freedom, as seen in his broad nostrils, the shape of his face betrays a desire for rootedness. He wants to face the challenge instead of running away from it, and has no difficulty letting the other person take the lead in a relationship.

So he is also generous, as shown by his left nostril being wider than the right, and wishes to offer his support. In this role, at least, he has found satisfaction and put down roots. This gives him a sense of security, calmness and structure. If necessary, he can stand up for himself in a relationship, having a “King” face, but the width and fullness of his cheekbones mean he usually allows his partner a great deal of space.


Gazing at the features of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, face reader Standop surmises that both love their freedom, their personal space and to lead. Relationships each has had in the past may have been constricting and may even have demanded sacrifices, Standop says.

Yet, in spite of their doubts, they committed themselves to their respective relationships, because both are family-oriented, don’t mind responsibility and appreciate the personal growth that comes with having a functioning relationship.

Some facial features are indicators of the owner’s family and social life – the owner’s nest. Lovers of freedom may treasure their families and social lives but cannot be expected to endure them for long, especially when coupled with partners that are extremely possessive, dominant or dependent. For freedom-loving people, intimate and fulfilling relationships with a future are guaranteed only if they meet similar people, people who are just as unrestrained, freedom-loving and interested in personal growth and yet family-oriented. Jolie and Pitt have found those qualities in each other and have learned to appreciate them.

But saying that fails to do justice to their relationship. They aren’t the kind of couple you would see strolling hand-in-hand in the park. They are not lovebirds. They are on a mission. They want to invoke change, to guide, to inspire, to create something. They have realised that their characters splendidly complement each other, and that they are better off sticking together as they conquer the world.

The glue that keeps this couple together is passion. Both are creative, sensitive and tactile. They can express their true emotions only in a relationship. Only in a relationship are they willing and ready to open themselves up. And each truly appreciates being allowed by the other to open up in this way.

Pitt, with his “Tree” face, is someone Jolie can lean on, offering the support and reliability that she had been seeking almost all of her life. Jolie, with her “Dragon” face, lured Pitt from his “emotional cave”. She took a young and outgoing but deeply shy man and gave him the opportunity to grow and develop. Only in his relationship with Jolie was Pitt asked to become a man.

They both had difficult childhoods. They share a vision and a degree of tolerance but both should make sure the understanding and appreciation of each other blossoms.

Where forgiveness is required, one should not be stubborn, but flexible and easy-going. It is as if Jolie and Pitt swore an oath, and that one would struggle to forgive the other for breaking it. The lover of freedom, whichever it might be, would then have a reason to break free and put personal interests above the growth of their relationship.

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Our face reader’s advice

Dear Brad Pitt,

Please stay as flexible and agile as the leaves and branches of a tree in the wind. Compromises are important, but do not give up your own positions. Looking after others can easily turn into sorrow. Stay the idealist and freethinker that you have always been.

Never subordinate yourself to a person, or to an idea, or to a seemingly higher goal. Continue to live the life your wonderful mixture of love for freedom and desire for rootedness has created for you, even though the mixture may occasionally confuse you. Find stillness and calmness inside yourself.

Do not lose track of yourself. Staying true to yourself is a challenge in life that you should overcome. Allow yourself time do it. As the owner of a “Tree” face, find a way of doing things slowly. Remember that you are a late bloomer. The doors to everything that you long for will open for as you get older. Nothing should be forced.

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