Face Reader Eric Standop Reads Angelina Jolie: The Dragon Face

Angelina Jolie has a charismatic and magnetic personality. She is a good leader and can seduce others. She is capable of exerting strong influence on other people. She has natural authority and likes to display her power. Such a person has more of a polarising effect than others. To face reader Eric Standop, all this is clear from what he calls Jolie’s “Dragon” face form, and from her subtler features.

The “Dragon” form unites aspects of three other face forms: the “Fire”, “King” and “Jade” forms. Each form has its own set of meanings that indicate the personality of the owner of a “Dragon” face.

Jolie’s high forehead and the inverted pyramid shape with its apex at her chin are characteristic of a “Fire” face. Fire stands for passion, motivation and inspiration, for quick thinking and swift communication, but also represents overexertion and impatience.

Her expressive jaw is typical of a “King” face. Such a face belongs to a person that never rests and is accustomed to fighting – somebody determined to succeed. It is the face of somebody that is good to the small and weak, but who should avoid encounters with her peers because they always carry the risk of a power struggle. The owners of “King” faces are pleasure-seekers, born leaders and often generous patrons.

Jolie’s large and full lips, expressive eyes and high cheekbones are components of a “Jade” face. Such faces belong to people that value quality over quantity. They are creative harmony-seekers. They frequently have a big heart for people that are at a disadvantage. They are found in creative occupations, but can also be social workers or therapists. The owners of “Jade” faces are often underestimated and belittled when young, so the aim of many of them is to let go of everything that limits them and free themselves.

A “Dragon” face is considered extremely rare. The structure is conspicuous, being simultaneously small-boned and muscular. The dragon is a symbol of luck in Chinese mythology – a powerful and admired creature, but also a controversial one. The owner of a “Dragon” face might be regarded in a similar way.

Matching eyes

In Jolie’s case, her blend of features is a sign that she is a born trouble-shooter of her own difficulties and also other people’s. While she can solve problems, she can also cause them when she is aimless and unfulfilled.

The owner of a “Dragon” face needs to be confronted with greatest possible challenges. Otherwise she is quickly bored. She is a true leader, who gives good instructions. The matter in hand can ignite her passions, yet she will remain focused and strong-willed in managing it. Her sharp perception allows her to be a good observer.

In sum, Jolie is sharply inclined to be ambitious and strongly driven to reach her goals. In the worst case, this can turn into a pathological compulsion. She can become totally obsessed with a task if it is important to her. This brings with it the risk of occasionally being stubborn. She takes rejection very much to heart. She is intuitive and has a quick and flexible intellect, but must be careful not to become over-critical. Her personality is that of a sensitive warrior who can quickly change her moods. This variability is what attracts attention to her.

The shape of Jolie’s eyes is consistent with the shape of her face. Face readers call eyes of this shape “Dragon” eyes. The pupils are clearly round and instantly flexible – sometimes small, sometimes large – much more so than the pupils of most other people. The eyelashes are long and full. Such eyes are signs of a charismatic leader who still likes to be among people occasionally, but actually prefers solitude or, at most, a homely nest.

Crowning glory

Strong-minded observers such as Jolie block out what they have no wish to see. Everything is secondary to their progress and they will not be sidestepped. Her eyebrows reveal her extremely high power of concentration. She is someone that does her work step by relentless step, and puts her whole heart into just one project at a time. Clarity and simplicity are what she desires.

The hairline is called the crown of the head. The crown of Jolie’s head indicates an irrepressible desire for self-realisation, success and growth. She easily and gladly separates from her roots and creates her own environment and way of life. She strives for worldly wisdom.

The structure of her hair is neither coarse nor fine, showing it is easy for her to adapt to different situations. The position of her ears demonstrates a capability to make appropriate decisions. Her broad forehead suggests that she is farsighted, but plans her steps carefully. She is open-minded and tolerant.

Jolie is curious and inquiring, but also pedantic – her pedantry arising from the close association between diligence and ambition, especially when a strong will encounters resistance and strives to overcome it. She likes to be her own master.

She has a preference for independence in her occupation. She likes to begin and end her projects on her own and prefers to depend on herself – at least in her working life. The shape, padding and tip of the nose indicate to a face reader whether or not the owner is a shy loner.

Yet Jolie is an extrovert. She likes to be on the big stage and enjoys attention. She can talk to anyone, radiating an inviting friendliness. She has a strong need for movement and exudes a zest for life and a visionary sense of the future. She likes to talk about personal matters and feelings, and has the urge to express her inner self life to the outside world. She often invites people to open conversations. She shines through her great powers of persuasion.

What cheek

Jolie allows herself to act out her emotions and secret desires. Her main qualities are her manner of communication, her expressive creativity and her all-encompassing love. The shape of her mouth and the shape and size of her lips show that she is more inclined to give than to take. The relationship between Jolie’s jaw and her cheek indicates that she has fought many battles but that none has made her cold or callous. Her sensitivity, heart and discipline constitute the personality of a leader.

Two conspicuous birthmarks on the right side of her face demonstrate that her life puts emphasis on what that area represents. The one in the middle, above the right eyebrow, is associated with seeing through or understanding something. The other, on the right cheek, is associated with self-assertion and perseverance in all public matters. The combination of all Jolie’s features shows that she is a critical observer whose talent for organising makes her stand out. But she still carries a shred of insecurity, and constant self-questioning can be a strenuous for her.

An object of love

Depending on the focus of her life and her own orientation, Jolie could develop into the archetype of an empress. But Standop sees her developing into a mother of all: a woman that knows how to inspire and lead. Her “Dragon” face, her eyes, her mouth and her expression come together to give a close view of love. But as a mother of all, she wishes her love to be unrestricted, belonging not just to one person or cause.

Even if she wished to enjoy her freedom by being deliberately solitary, she might realise that togetherness can be experienced as freedom in an honest and passionate relationship. After all, overcoming the initial difficulty of revealing feelings, her desire for adventure and variety and her imaginative passion ultimately gave her a responsible relationship. She will remain her own anchor and source of energy as long as she avoids wearing herself out or even forgetting herself in bearing the burden of her many responsibilities.


Gazing at the features of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, face reader Standop surmises that both love their freedom, their personal space and to lead. Relationships each has had in the past may have been constricting and may even have demanded sacrifices, Standop says.

Yet, in spite of their doubts, they committed themselves to their respective relationships, because both are family-oriented, don’t mind responsibility and appreciate the personal growth that comes with having a functioning relationship.

Some facial features are indicators of the owner’s family and social life – the owner’s nest. Lovers of freedom may treasure their families and social lives but cannot be expected to endure them for long, especially when coupled with partners that are extremely possessive, dominant or dependent. For freedom-loving people, intimate and fulfilling relationships with a future are guaranteed only if they meet similar people, people who are just as unrestrained, freedom-loving and interested in personal growth and yet family-oriented. Jolie and Pitt have found those qualities in each other and have learned to appreciate them.

But saying that fails to do justice to their relationship. They aren’t the kind of couple you would see strolling hand-in-hand in the park. They are not lovebirds. They are on a mission. They want to invoke change, to guide, to inspire, to create something. They have realised that their characters splendidly complement each other, and that they are better off sticking together as they conquer the world.

The glue that keeps this couple together is passion. Both are creative, sensitive and tactile. They can express their true emotions only in a relationship. Only in a relationship are they willing and ready to open themselves up. And each truly appreciates being allowed by the other to open up in this way.

Pitt, with his “Tree” face, is someone Jolie can lean on, offering the support and reliability that she had been seeking almost all of her life. Jolie, with her “Dragon” face, lured Pitt from his “emotional cave”. She took a young and outgoing but deeply shy man and gave him the opportunity to grow and develop. Only in his relationship with Jolie was Pitt asked to become a man.

They both had difficult childhoods. They share a vision and a degree of tolerance but both should make sure the understanding and appreciation of each other blossoms.

Where forgiveness is required, one should not be stubborn, but flexible and easy-going. It is as if Jolie and Pitt swore an oath, and that one would struggle to forgive the other for breaking it. The lover of freedom, whichever it might be, would then have a reason to break free and put personal interests above the growth of their relationship.

Our face reader’s advice

Dear Angelina Jolie,

The life tasks of a “Dragon” face are manifold. But it is important for you to recognise that you are not required to solve all of the problems on this planet. You do not need to play the heroine everywhere, and should sometimes accept that there are no answers to certain problems.

Be less strict, do not set too many rules for yourself and do not become dogmatic.

You have strong intuitive powers, so you should use them even more. Your desire to learn more and experience variety still needs to be gratified.

Accept help – yes, even demand it. Do not be resentful, but be generous with your forgiveness. Your nature has a big heart.

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