Face Reader Eric Standop Reads Leonardo DiCaprio: The Bucket Face

​Leonardo DiCaprio’s facial features reveal that he may have first felt the urge to come up with his own visions when he was very young, says face reader Eric Standop. DiCaprio can put much pragmatic effort into turning these mental constructs into reality. But he also perceives the inspiration of the outer world, which can serve as his muse in coming up with new ideas and visions.

Standop knows this because according to the Siang Mien, the Chinese art of face reading, DiCaprio’s face has what is called a “Bucket” form, being wider towards the top. But the unflattering description signifies an abundance of commendable traits. What’s more, his eyes are set deep in their sockets, his jawbone is pronounced and he has vertical lines in his cheeks. These features are associated with another form of face, the “King” form. This form reveals that, as a visionary, DiCaprio senses his mission is to promote his own interests and express his leader’s personality. As the owner of a “Bucket” face, he will do this, in particular, by inspiring others. In pursuing his own projects, he can then assume the mantle of leadership appropriate to the owner of a “King” face. Yet he will always keep his mind on his ideals and visions.

DiCaprio’s combination of face forms shows he has a freedom-loving personality, yet is willing to lead. He is flexible and cheerful, but also persuasive and energetic. He likes to commit himself on behalf of others. He stands for integrity, sincerity and discipline. He takes matters into his own hands and rearranges them. He is caring and has a great sense of the value of a family.

Such people must often wait until they are in their 50s for complete fulfilment in their private lives. They are concerned and easily captivated, secretive and wont to be possessive. Things appear to them to be somewhat more dramatic than they actually are. This ensures that they pay attention and are sensitive, but also makes them susceptible to outside influences. Such influences may be emotions and opinions unrelated to their own world. These characteristics are supplemented by a strong sense of justice and strong desire to prove themselves in their own eyes and in the eyes of others.

Right and left

The right side of DiCaprio’s face, which gives indications of the public and material aspects of his personality, shows that he is attentive without being on edge. He knows what he wants and knows that he can have an effect without putting on a big performance. The left side of his face, which gives indications of the private and emotional aspects of his personality, shows he is serious without being detached.

The impression given is that his ideals and the influence he wields spring from his humaneness and warmth.

More of DiCaprio’s character and potential is to be seen in the details of his eyes, nose and mouth. His eyes are deep-set. They are eyes for looking behind the scenes. Few things are hidden from him. He has the ability to recognise the crucial aspects of other people. When he does, he thinks analytically. His mind is alert and his intellect remarkable. This is signified by his small pupils.

He likes to instil in others a sense that he will keep them secure, protect their independence, and look after them. He is aware of the weaknesses of others, yet treats them with kindness. He acts as their patron. DiCaprio’s large earlobes are the earlobes of one of life’s patrons.

The beard he wears is a security beard. It is arranged around the mouth and chin, but his cheeks – what face readers call the pillows of power – are bare. The beard also lines the jawbone – drawing attention to the jaw and accentuating his masculinity and assertiveness. The beard is reminiscent of a three-day growth, which indicates that another of DiCaprio’s yearnings is for independence and freedom.

An object of love

Possession of a face that combines the “Bucket” and “King” forms does not promise a down-to-earth, long-lasting and fulfilling love relationship before the second half of the owner’s life. Yet putting together both sides of DiCaprio’s face makes a whole that shows he is one of nature’s family men. He loves being at the centre of a family.

His restlessness and propensity to be driven will leave him once he attains such a position for keeps. Then he will at last get to know himself. Until then, he will be very much a social creature. It is easy for him to establish and cultivate friendships with either gender, although he occasionally tends towards macho behaviour.

In detecting love, the eyes and mouth and their interaction when a face puts on an expression are important. In DiCaprio, they betray problems with revealing his feelings and vulnerability in a love relationship. Worry about the possibility of heartache and the fear of being deceived make him trust his analytical abilities. This means that the intellect assumes control when it comes to love. Anyone who wants to conquer DiCaprio’s heart must first get past his mind.

While he has the potential to be a family man, DiCaprio also loves his freedom. In love, this contradiction becomes apparent time and again. He has no problem with being alone, enjoying his independence and using private space to recharge his batteries.

Behind his yearning for harmony and completeness is the search for a close bond based on a love relationship. To find what he is looking for, he should risk leaving the security of the rational mind and trust his good instincts and fine intuition.

Our face reader’s advice

Dear Leonardo DiCaprio,

Continue to live your unique vision and keep on inspiring people. Strive to go beyond any possible boundaries of life that you have created for yourself. Do not limit or even underestimate yourself and your wonderful creativity.

Your widow’s peak reveals not only that you strive for advancement but also that you can let go of habits and customary patterns if easier paths seem more reasonable to you. As a visionary, you will create anyway, and doors and gateways appear where none had existed before.

Be aware of your power of attraction, but also pay attention to the amount of effort you are exerting so that diligence and worry or the need to prove yourself do not cause you to burn out. Say goodbye to wanting to fight your way through things. As a visionary, you inspire, motivate and shape. But you have no need to achieve anything that is superhuman. The king within you can rule through benevolence. Learn to accept praise, since you desire recognition – it should be a cause of lasting joy.

You know quite clearly who you are and who you do not wish to be. You have a wish to philosophise about how meaningful life is, asking why you are here and what the greater meaning is. These questions strongly influence your decisions and contribute to your charisma. And you should ask yourself what is still important for you to create, experience and promote. You still have many twists and turns ahead of you, but your instincts and intuition will guide you.

Every once in a while, forget your goals. If you stand up for the interests of others, you will inevitably reach your own goals. Put all your talents to work, as that is the only way for you to find peace and calm. Clearly explain what you want, but also accept defeats. Through defeats, you grow.

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