Lee Jae Wook attends VALMONT’s new store opening at K11 MUSEA

South Korean actor Lee Jae Wook stops by Hong Kong to check out the new La Maison VALMONT at K11 MUSEA

Swiss luxury skincare brand VALMONT have rolled out their third boutique in Hong Kong. La Maison VALMONT, which translates to ‘Home of VALMONT’, opened its doors at K11 MUSEA in Tsim Sha Tsui, connecting life and defining the “Daily Luxury” skincare experience, with a superstar guest in tow.

Actor and #legend cover star Lee Jae Wook was invited to stop by for the opening ceremony. “My favourite item is VALMONT’s best-selling Prime Renewing Pack, also named the Happy Mask. This is a mask to revitalise and brighten your skin,” Lee reveals to #legend. It just so happens to be VALMONT’s STAR product. The brand has prepared an exclusive experience zone, with a giant display wall that showcase the high efficacy of this cellular rejuvenating mask.

Inspired by VALMONT’s exclusive DNA cellular technology, the display is designed in a spiraling cylindrical DNA shape that tightly envelope the radiance mask, representing the skin regeneration processes and its medical-grade cellular repair effect. VALMONT believes the healthy and youthful glow of revitalised skin is as dazzling as the cascading diamond chandeliers that is housed in La Maison VALMONT.

The overall décor of La Maison VALMONT K11 Musea are based around the brand’s classic gold and white colours. The interiors are also done up to reflect VALMONT’s instinct of “When Art Meets Beauty” fusing art with beauty, from the bridge carvings on the arch of VIP Lounge and the corridor adorned with contemporary art treasures. Once in the VIP Lounge, visitors are treated to a stunning view of  international city skyline, echoing “Happy Mask” bringing happiness and brightness around the globe.

In La Maison VALMONT, you can immerse yourself in the artful space that combines aesthetics and creation, and discover VALMONT classic skincare collection, l’Elixir des Glaciers exquisite luxury cosmetics collection, and STORIE VENEZIANE artistic fragrance collection.

Lee also points to a dedicated treatment room at La Maison VALMONT as something that caught his eye. “In this shop, you can enjoy VALMONT’s facial treatment, experience their exclusive butterfly motion massage technique and the famous collagen mask,” says The Battle of Jangsari star. Among rituals of energy, hydration, luminosity, lifting and firming, La Maison VALMONT offers a full array of virtuoso treatments for every skin condition.

Established in 1905, the brand blends glacier spring water, natural alpine ingredients from its Phyto-Alpine Garden, and the signature DNA-RNA duo with peerless anti-aging properties for their highly precise Swiss cellular cosmetics. These potent products are all the more efficient through La Maison VALMONT treatments with VALMONT’s Butterfly Motion massage technique. The exclusive motion consists of a sweeping, cocooning set of movements that serve to revive microcirculation and stimulate lymphatic exchanges. The experience is further elevated through therapeutic frequencies and soothing sounds of the Swiss mountains. Skin transforms like a beautiful butterfly, undergoing a process of renewal and reversing the signs of aging!

Using a union of science and pleasure, a visit to La Maison VALMONT at K11 MUSEA is sure to melt your stress and beautify you. Just ask Lee Jae Wook.

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