5 Things you should know about Netflix K-drama The Silent Sea’s actress Bae Doona

Bae Doona, who has starred in a number of sci-fi action movies, is featured in Netflix’s new South Korean series The Silent Sea. Here are five things you may not know about her

She’s a model-turned-actress

Many people thought Bae’s stage actress mother, Kim Hwa-young, influenced her career choice. However, her mother’s success actually planted doubt in Bae; she thought only people with extraordinary talent could become actors because she saw many famous actors working with her mother.

In 1998, as a Hanyang University student, Bae was scouted by a modelling agency in Seoul and started her modelling career. One year later, she switched to acting before graduating from university.

She rejected award-winning director Wong Kar-wai

Photo: Netflix

While she was modelling, Bae caught the attention of Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai, who invited her to develop in Hong Kong. She turned down the opportunity because she thought “the timing was premature”.

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She’s a sci-fi veteran

Bae played the role of Doctor Song Ji-an, an astrobiologist, who joins the team, determined to uncover the truth behind the Balhae Base research station.

Although the actress is not a stranger to the sci-fi world, she played the leading role in Wachowski projects, such as Sense8, Jupiter Ascending, and Cloud Atlas.

She was on the fence about The Silent Sea

Bae wasn’t optimistic about The Silent Sea script at first because of the genre; there haven’t been many space-themed shows in South Korea. After watching the short film The Silent Sea is based on, she changed her mind. Created by Choi Hang-yong, who also directed the series, the short film instilled confidence in the actress to take up the role.

She’s highly disciplined on set

Photo: Netflix

During the production of The Silent Sea, actors wore 10kg space suits. Despite the intense working conditions, Bae remained highly disciplined throughout seven months of filming– she’s notoriously strict with her diet and workout regime.

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