5 things to know about Netflix’s My Name actress Han So-hee

The star of Netflix’s latest K-drama My Name Han So-hee is a model-turned-actress who’s been dubbed a Song Hye-kyo doppelganger

Photo: Netflix

Actress Han So-hee who had starring roles in K-dramas including The World of the Married and Nevertheless is returning to television with her new Netflix series My Name. This will be the first role in a thriller for the actress whose birth name is Lee So-hee. Besides her uncanny similarities to K-drama queen Song Hye-kyo, here are five things to know about the rising star.

She was a model before joining the K-drama field

Many fans first became familiar with Han from the hit 2020 K-drama The World of the Married which she played the role of Yeo Da-kyung, a young girl who fell in love and carried out a two-year affair with a married man.

Han’s on-screen debut dates back to 2017 on the SBS drama Reunited Worlds. But even before that, she was no stranger to the spotlight. Before landing her first acting gig, she worked as a model. Getting to Seoul to kickstart her entertainment career was no small feat; she worked at bars, restaurants and in retail in her hometown Ulsan to save up for the move.

In a personal blog post in 2018, she commented, “I went to the bar to work once I opened my eyes and I even worked until sunrise the next day. I believe those days made me who I am right now.”

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She has an unusual love for mint chocolate

While most of us have had our fair share of chocolate thin mints growing up, the flavours of mint chocolates are largely rejected by South Koreans – the taste is considered awkward for most. But guess what, Han seems to have a penchant for this minty delight.

In an interview with Harper’s BAZAAR Korea, Han reveals she loves eating mint chocolates and she even went as far as to say she feels sorry for those who can’t enjoy them as she really loves the flavour.

She used to have tattoos

Fans who’ve seen older photos of the actress will notices that she used to have tattoos. Of the three tattoos on her arm, the flower one was most visible. But these tattoos have disappeared.

According to the entertainment website Koreaboo, she got all of her tattoos removed as she became more serious about acting; and remnants of her tattoos can be seen on her forearms. She was hit with plenty of criticism for the ink. That and her smoking gave her a bad girl image. Now looking back on the comments from haters, she says, “I am myself now, and I was myself at that time as well.” 

She was in many music videos 

Apart from appearances in advertising campaigns while still working part-time jobs, Han appeared in a Shinee music video “Tell Me What To Do”. In the music video, Han played Minho’s girlfriend. She was scouted by SNS after the shoot. 

Apart from the one with Shinee, she was in the music videos of Cnblue’s Jung Yong-hwa, Roy Kim, and MeloMance. 

She blogs with her birth name Lee So-hee

Han owns a personal blog and continues to communicate with her fans through it. Her most recent post dates back to April this year and documents time spent with family. A graduate of Ulsan High School of Arts, she sometimes posts her drawings and candid snapshots. And she uses her birth name, Lee So-hee on the blog. 

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