5 Netflix shows to watch in October

Ready to celebrate the month of Halloween? October is full of new shows; from the Polish disaster drama series High Water to Tembi Locke’s best-selling memoir From Scratch, here are five upcoming Netflix shows for a good goosebump time

High Water

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Have you ever imagined your city getting flooded in a few seconds? Netflix’s suspenseful disaster drama series High Water reinterprets the real-life events of the Millennium flood that hit Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany in 1997. The series adapts the story to the city of Wroclaw and is premiering on October 5.

Life-and-death decisions are made in minutes. Local authorities bring in a hydrologist with a troubled history to save the city. Meanwhile, rebellious residents fight to save their properties.


Netflix K-Drama 'Glitch' Season 1: Coming to Netflix in October 2022 -  What's on Netflix
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The new comedy-thriller K-drama series Glitch joins Netflix on October 7. Recognised casts from some of the best Korean Netflix Originals make appearances, including Vincenzo actress Jeon Yeo Bin, who stars alongside former K-Pop girl group After School member Nana. Reply 1988 actor Lee Dong Hwi and Itaewon Class actor Ryu Kyung Soo also appear in the series.

The drama starts with the mysterious disappearance of Hong Ji Hyo’s (starring Jeon Yeo Bin) boyfriend. To find her boyfriend, Hong gathers the members of the YouTube UFO community, which includes Heo Bo Ra (Nana), Ma Hyung Woo (Lee Dong Hwi), and Kim Byung Jo (Ryu Kyung Soo). Will they be able to solve the mystery and find Hong’s missing boyfriend?

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The Playlist

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If you are a music lover, you must have heard of the streaming service Spotify. Netflix tells the untold story of this giant streaming platform on October 13. Comprising six episodes, the story exemplifies how the music platform gained success in the global market.

The limited drama series looks at Spotify CEO and Founder Daniel Ek’s business strategy against competitors like Google, Apple, and Amazon. Stars in the series include Vikings actor Edvin Endre in the leading role of Daniel Ek, Beartown actor Ulf Stenberg, and Caliphate actress Gizen Erdogan

The School for Good and Evil

The School for Good and Evil': Release Date, Cast, Photos - Netflix Tudum
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Just in time for Halloween, the fantasy film The School of Good and Evil is set to release on October 19. Based on the internationally best-selling novel of the same name by American author Soman Chainani, the fantasy brings you on the journey of great fairytales.

The series casts Beetlejuice actress Sophia Anne Caruso and High School Musical: The Musical actress Sofia Wylie as two best friends, Sophie and Agatha, who are kidnapped and brought to the enchanted school for Good and Evil. Their friendship is tested as they try to find a way back home. In addition, Emmy award-winning actress Kerry Washington and Huntsman actress Charlize Theron play the professors of the good and evil institutions, challenging two best friends’ bond.

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From Scratch

From Scratch' Zoe Saldana Netflix Limited Series: Coming to Netflix in  October 2022 - What's on Netflix
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American actress Tembi Locke’s best-selling memoir From Scratch meets Emmy-nominated director Nzingha Stewart in this bittersweet romance.

The plot takes inspiration from Locke’s cross-cultural relationship with her husband, the loss of a loved one, and a message of hope. Guardians of the Galaxy actress Zoe Saldana plays Amy Wheeler, along with All Cops Are Bastards actor Eugenio Mastrandrea cast as her love interest, Lino. End the month with Amy and Lino’s heart-wrenching love story. Look for the show on Netflix starting October 21.

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