5 more things to know about K-pop star Rain

Happy birthday to our K-pop King, Rain! While #legend has previously given you five facts about the superstar, Abby Li takes you through five more things to know about Rain

His success started 20 years ago

Photo: Instagram @rain_oppa

Two decades ago, the Korean romance show Full House not only paved the way for the rise of K-drama but also the start of Rain’s remarkable career. Starring Song Hye Kyo, one of the highest-paid actresses today, this romantic comedy has remained a must-watch for K-drama fans across Asia. In 20 years, Rain has continued to surprise his fans with an impressive array of achievements, including six Mnet Asian Music Awards, nine KBS Drama Awards, being listed on Time’s 100 most influential people, and more.

His name has an underlying meaning

Photo: Instagram @rain_oppa

His given name is Jung Jihoon, but why does he go by Rain? Well, he got his stage name from Jin-young Park, the founder of JYP Entertainment. Since rain carries the connotation of ‘something sad’, it suited Park’s impression of his dancing style. It sounds like shade, but it isn’t since Rain’s moves have become a signature of his.

He met his wife on the set of a commercial shoot 

The two in their first ad together as a married couple for La Cloud beds. Photo: La Cloud

Now a dad of two, Rain married Korean actress Kim Tae-hee in 2017. While the two have kept their personal lives fairly private, Rain talked about his love story on Korean singer Jo Hyun-ah’s YouTube channel Everyday Is Thursday Night. Rain said that when they first met during a commercial shoot, it felt like destiny. Despite being rejected several times, he won her heart a few months later when he asked her out again. 

He was the chief producer of a TVB reality show

Did you catch Rain on TVB? He appeared in the 2023 Hong Kong male group reality competition show, Asia Super Young, as its chief producer. The show also had Eric Tsang its executive sponsor, and well-known figures such as Cheng Xiao, Zhu Zhengting, Edmond So, and hip hop duo FAMA as mentors.

He will be back in Hong Kong soon

Photo: Instagram @raincompany_official

Rain gave an electrifying performance at the Waterbomb Hong Kong music festival, which was ironically besieged by heavy rain. If you missed him there, don’t worry as he is due back on 13 July for a full solo concert.

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