5 K-celebrities to make a powerful comeback in 2022

Top Korean stars are returning to our screens in a series of highly anticipated TV shows. 2022 has much in store for K-drama fans

Kim Tae-ri makes her comeback with the drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One after a three-year hiatus, while Park Min-young and Yura are to star in the popular drama Forecasting Love and Weather.

From Kim Tae-ri to Shin Min-a, here are a few stars making powerful comebacks:

Kim Tae-ri

Kim Tae-ri in Twenty-Five Twenty-One. Photo: tvN

Kim Tae-ri is back to the K-drama world with Twenty-Five Twenty-One. It has been three years after her latest hit drama, Mr. Sunshine – and one year after Netflix’s Space Sweepers, she starred in with Song Joong-ki. 

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a romantic drama portraiting a hardworking man who seeks to rebuild his life and a teen fencer who pursues big ambitions. The two falls in love when they meet at age 25 and 21, which leads to the title of the show. The drama gathered an excellent 10.1 per cent viewers rating (in comparison, most shows on tvN and JTBC get about 5-6 per cent; a top show such as Crash Landing on You reached 20 per cent).

Kim Tae-ri rose to fame with the lead role alongside K-drama Start-Up star, Nam Joo-hyuk.

Park Min-young

Park Min-young in Forecasting Love and Weather. Photo: JTBC

Known as a ‘romance comedy queen’ of K-dramas, Park Min-young also makes a powerful comeback with the drama Forecasting Love and Weather. It’s her first drama after When the Weather is Fine, which aired two years ago. Park plays Jin Ha-kyung, the 34-year-old general forecaster of the 2nd division of Korea Meteorological Administration.

The series depicts the joyful love story of people working in the Korea Meteorological Administration, including their daily trials and tribulations at the office. Netflix’s Nevertheless star Song Kang takes the male lead role alongside Park. The show grips viewers from episode one with an impactful opening.


Yura in Forecasting Love and Weather. Photo: JTBC

Actress Yura – who might be better known as the leading dancer of the K-pop group Girl’s Day – also makes a comeback with Park Min-young in the same drama, Forecasting Love and Weather. She has been building up her milestones with hit dramas, such as Find Me in Your Memory and Now, We Are Breaking Up. Yura recently took a remarkable role as a stylish celebrity in Now, We are Breaking Up.

In her latest drama, starring alongside Park Min-young and Song Kang, Yura plays a young weather forecaster for a daily newspaper who is bright and lively on the outside but has a dark side to her.

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Shin Min-a

Shin Min-a (top left) in the poster of drama Our Blues. Photo: tvN

Are you still in love with the hit K-drama from last year, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha? Then we have good news to share. This April, Shin Min-a is planning to return to the screen with tvN’s new series Our Blues. What makes this comeback even more special is that it’s her first drama to star alongside her real-time boyfriend, Kim Woo-bin. Although the two won’t be a couple inside the drama, it’s exciting to see them (being in a 7-year relationship) in the same scenes.

Our Blues follows a group of people living in Jeju island, known for its peaceful and stunning nature. It portrays the perfect escape for those fleeing from city life to Jeju island, which becomes the ideal home for those unlucky in love to find their soul mates. The drama plans to air on tvN after Twenty-Five Twenty-One ends.

Lee Sung-kyung

Lee Sung-kyung (left) and Kim Young-dae in the drama Shooting Stars. Photo: iQiyi

South Korean model and actress Lee Sung-kyung is about to make her own remarkable comeback this year. Known as another ‘romance comedy queen’ of K-dramas, Lee has appeared on many hit shows, including Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo and Record of Youth. After a two-year break (since her last drama Dr. Romantic), she finally returns to the screen with the romantic comedy-drama Shooting Stars with the Penthouse star, Kim Young-dae.

Projected to air in April, the drama sets within the entertainment world where employees work for celebrities and try to make them shine. Lee Sung-kyung plays the PR team leader of a management company while Kim Young-dae takes on the role of the top actor at Lee’s management company.

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