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Drinking games with chefs

Nov 27, 2017

When Nathan Green, the young British chef behind Sai Ying Pun favourite Rhoda, invited England's biggest names out to Hong Kong for a collaborative dinner, there was only one thing to do. Sit them all down and play a few drinking games. You can read more about the dinner here, or watch on to see Green, Fergus Henderson (MBE) of St John, Richard Turner of Hawksmoor and Trevor Gulliver of St. John Wines battle it out the old fashioned way: by pointing fingers and sipping wine. 

Rhoda hosts a world-class meat-feast with St. John and Hawksmoor

It started off with a #legend interpretation of the game 'Paranoia', where we asked all the gentleman a question, and they had to point to the answer, but things heated up quickly during the second round: Never Have I Ever. It took the boys a few minutes to get into the swing of things, but when they did, the secrets came out. Find out who made a chef cry, and who's the biggest party animal here in this exclusive video. 

Find out more about the dinner here. 

Producer / Sarah Engstrand
Direction / Helena Yeung
Shot on location at Rhoda

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