The drink of the summer: Coca-Cola and Fanta Frozen

Coca-Cola frozen in lemon

Following on from the announcement that Japan would be launching Coca-Cola Chu-Hi, the brand’s first alcohol drink in their 130 year-old history, Coca-Cola have just launched Coca-Cola Lemon and Fanta Orange Grape ‘Frozen’ slushies.

Now on shelves, these summer drinks come in a resealable pouch that can be enjoyed frozen and unfrozen and were reportedly eight years in the making. The pouch is supposed to allow customers to massage the drink to their preferred consistency – the slushier you want it, the more you massage it.

The new Coca-Cola slushies are already available in Japan

Unfortunately, these slushies are only available in Japan – but what better excuse to plan your next trip? Japan is home to the most exciting limited edition sweets, snacks and drinks after, all. Just think of all those seasonal Kit Kats, Pocky, Cinnabon’s, McDonalds and Starbucks you can get your hands on.

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