The Calligraphy Girl Does Valentine’s Day

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Heidi Thompson is The Calligraphy Girl. A former graphic designer from Illinois turned calligrapher and printer, Thompson found something special about handwritten notes and invitations in this digital age. The mother of two shares with us some of her favourite calligraphy moments and writes a Valentine’s Day message from us to you.

Heidi Thompson

How long have you been writing calligraphy?

I took typography classes in college and have been interested in experimenting with letterforms since then.

What do you enjoy about doing calligraphy?

I love the simplicity, the tools and the traditional aspect, it feels meditative in a way because it’s something you can’t rush.

How did the idea begin to start your own business?

I started getting requests regularly via word of mouth and it took off gradually from there.

What has been your favourite client to work with?

Zoobeetle, a cool Parisian boutique in Sheung Wan.

What project was this?

They had me personalising black umbrellas for an event once, I thought the end result looked super chic.

Any advice to others out there wanting to try out calligraphy?

Practice, practice, practice until you develop your own distinct style.

What is your favourite word to write. Why?

Caoutchouc, which means rubber in French. It looks kind of ridiculous and it’s also fun to say.

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